1. Sral23

    In Progress Players getting wrong names in matches

    I encountered it many times, there is a player with a wrong name, it looks like identity theft but it isnt. If you get their real names (Sending them a friend request shows the real name) and write them with it, they dont even know something is wrong. I guess that there is an issue in the...
  2. Troops that still has questionable skills after 1.3

    Battania: Veteran skrimisher, Battania wildlings, Mounted skrimisher Throwing/one hand/Athletics - Seems to have some wrong value. Upgrading makes troops have lowers skills? Mounted skrimishers have 150 bow and 15 throwing.Obviously they don't have bows. Oathsworn have 130 riding 80 Athletics...
  3. bunkryan

    Unsolved Vlandian Sergeants loading with wrong weapons

    I've noticed that a lot of times they'll either load with a billhook and no shield or a sword/shield instead of a mace/shield. Not sure if many other units do this as well but it's possible