1. Lornloth00

    Men crying out for their mother while dying.

    When units are wounded and dying on the battle they could cry out in pain for their mother or something to make a battle seem like hell and more realistic. Some of them could be reach out with their hands begging for help. Some of them could just being moaning and scream in pain with some...
  2. Andreypride

    In Progress Mercenary bug

    Summary: Something strange is happening with one of the lord of the mercenaries. The wounded are not recovered. The lord himself, too. He does not hire troops and stands still at the village. How to Reproduce: I do not know, accidentally discovered Have you used cheats and if so which: -...
  3. Wounded Soldiers are dying

    When in the combat scenario, i have 40 listed wounded soldiers and 9 dead ones. after battle ends and am on map, in this case during a siege, all the wounded souldiers are now dead as well. Is there a possible cause or fix for this happening?
  4. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.5.9 Beta] Permanent "wounded" count remaining after all troops actually healed, but reducing deployment in battle (Update: It's from failing prison

    Summary: I keep noticing a Wounded count that doesn't go away even though I no longer have any wounded troops. When I enter battle my troop count is reduced as if I did have that many wounded though. Previously in this playthrough I had noticed this problem but it seemed to go away after...
  5. Need More Info Visual Bug [Wounded Troops]

    The game is showing that I have wounded troops in my party, even though I do not. This is only a visual bug and doesn't actually affect the cap of the party however.
  6. Wounded troops should not be available to send on missions

    When choosing what troops to send on missions, and whether I have enough troops to do them, the game should take into account wounded vs nonwounded and not allow me to send any wounded troops.
  7. Need More Info Lords not healing wounded.

    Aserai lords are not healing wounded soldiers. I'm on 380 day right now, from the start I kept attention that Aserai is not expanding at all. Reason to that is that Lords of Aserai are not healing their wounded. 5 lords are sitting in the city of Qasira and do nothing. Every party has only one...
  8. rhiever

    Unresolved Wounded troops can be sent on missions and do not properly count toward the required troop total

    Summary: Wounded troops can be sent on missions and do not properly count toward the requires troop total. Wounded troops only count toward the required troop total if there is at least one non-wounded troop sent. This causes issues where, e.g., you are forced to send 1 non-wounded troops and 10...
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