1. Yoshioki Ouchi

    In Progress Women in women's clothing missing legs/dress not wrapped around invisible legs properly

    Summary: Female clothing (such as Corseted Dress, Ladies Dress, and Envelope Dress) do not render properly when worn by women. Specifically, the feet are clearly disconnected from the rest of their body. Either the dresses aren't properly concealing/wrapping the "invisible legs" or the legs...
  2. Is there a mod for bannerlord to disable the female lords thing ?

    It's pretty immersion breaking for me
  3. Adept

    No sword sisters? No refugee women, nothing. What the hell?!?

    Where the heck are all the women? It's not really Mount & Blade unless I can rescue peasant women from their life of drudgery and turn them into swift death on a white courser. I hope this isn't some intended change, but rather a temporary absence.
  4. Women armor

    Since the bodies of the women are pre-chosen, meaning the breast and buttocks region doesn't change much when using the height slider, can the armor look more feminine? I'm glad it dips some where the hips are but it doesn't sit right on the other areas of the body. Armor was meant to mold to...
  5. no boy companion

    sorry for bad englich but y ave a probleme y can find women companion y ave 5 women but y not find boys wi?
  6. NicoleUK

    MP Musket Era Historically accurate women & sailors mod (Works on all NW multiplayer servers)

    This is a tiny aesthetic mod for NW, I made it for myself but have decided to share. Its really immersion breaking to see topless pirates running around (especially female ones!) so I made this mod to change the appearance of the ship crew of the British & French factions. In a nutshell: -...
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