with fire and sword

  1. is there a mod

    is there a mod for : mount and blade warband or mount and blade with fire and sword that adds a millstone collar or a ruff i ask for warband cause that is more modded but it would fit with fire and sword better also side one for ether or is there a mod that improves the characters body's...
  2. Unresolved Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword LAN Server Problem

    [TR] Merhaba, 28 Mayıs Cuma günü Steam üzerinden Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword oyununu satın aldım. Daha sonra bir arkadaşıma daha hediye olarak satın aldım ve birlikte belirli programlar kullanarak LAN bağlantısı ile sunucu açmayı denedik, sunucu açık gözüküyordu yani buraya kadar bir...
  3. Pueblo

    PvE mode like in Fire and Sword

    I have not found such a suggestion. I think we need captain mode vs bot. We had something like that in Fire and Sword. You have a budget for equipment and military, and you fight waves of enemies. Fun for one, two and twenty players.
  4. Stand and Delivah

    tamanho da party 107/63??

    o tamanho máximo da minha party era 130. Do nada, ele diminuiu para 63, mantendo os 107 soldados que eu já possuía, portanto, o tamanho meu exército aparece assim: 107/63. Não consigo recrutar ninguém, e se meu ecército fica abaixo de 63 soldados, também eu não consigo recrutar ninguém além...
  5. Stand and Delivah

    Unresolved Party size 107/63 ??????

    here's the problem: my party size was 124 at some point, and then, all of the sudden, I dropped to 63, but keeping the 107 soldiers I had before, so the party size is being displayed like this: 107/63, can't recruit anyone. My charisma is 13, my renown is 30, my leadership is 4. In the party...
  6. Aldarith

    Lord_Spelukrascht Maps / Westres Siege Maps

    Hey folks, I just wanted to share my work / these maps somewhere it will be accessible for those hosting servers. Some of these maps are derivative - that is to say that I am not the only one who worked on them, but at some point I did update or overhaul them in response to shortcomings I...
  7. Aldarith

    So what, is WFAS chopped liver?

    Just signing on for the first time in a while and I notice that WFAS is listed as DLC when it is not. Why is this? if it's going to be recognized as DLC then why doesn't Taleworlds do the work to roll it under the Warband launcher for quality of life and to encourage people to play?
  8. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    I was reading some articles on M&B Fire and Sword wiki (never played it myself), and realised just how many features that've been suggested lately are mentioned and present in the game. How in-depth they are - whether they even exist - I don't know. To give some examples (add 'apparently' to...
  9. Jordan_The_Noble

    Warband Discord Bot

    Warband Discord Bot GitHub: https://github.com/JordanWKWhite/Warband-Discord-Bot Hello Everyone! For the past week I've been working on my first Javascript project; A Discord bot that fetches the current/max player count and displays them on a Discord server, updating regularly. I feel that...
  10. WB WFaS Porting item from WFS to WB?

    Hello, friends! I'm new to this forum and I wanted to ask a question about porting; is it possible to port an item, say an armor, from WFS to WB? I'm asking because I want to port the Winged Hussar armor from WFS to a WB module (for personal use only). Could it be done? If yes, can someone...
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