1. Need More Info Ubuntu Linux / Proton 6.3-7 crashing on create DXGI factory since e1.6.3 path October 7th

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Launch application in Steam Proton 6.3-7 Game launcher loads, showiing version 1.6.3286182 click "single player" header click "Launch" button DXGI error displayed click ok Prompt to upload crash details appears click "yes" to upload files application spins briefly and...
  2. Lazregamesh

    Please restore wine and oil as food items, cities are starving.

    I have no idea why this seemed like a good idea in the first place. It destroyed the economy in a major way. As it is right now, workshops take food and give nothing back. Armies that visit towns take what little food is left and you have constant starvation except few weeks and it doesn't...
  3. Resolved [1.6.1] Oil and wine no longer count as food

    Noticed while trading that oil and wine no longer grouped with foods, lack the symbol for food, and the morale bonus (gourmet) has likewise had 4 points subtracted, 2 for each former food varieties. Was this intended?
  4. norman_rogerson

    Let's Discuss Linux Support

    On second thought, let's not. As of today, the Steam hardware survey results show linux usage is only a meager 0.83% of responses. That is not a lot of reason to provide official support. Making the numbers look even worse is pretty easy, too; that 0.83% is broken into 3 major camps, all 0.10%...
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