1. Resolved Korkunç sancak resmi

    Uzun süre ardından oyunu tekrar oynamaya karar verdim, oyuna girip yeni save oluşturduğumda karşıma çıkan bu bayrak tüylerimi ürpertti, araştırma yaptım fakat hiç sonuca varamadım böyle bir problem hakkında.
  2. Holy Shift

    A Weird Thing Happened

    I was in a tournament final. My opponent was npc named Tharos. For a single moment game slowed. Than Tharos started to attacks at a thunder speed. Its blocks and walks was normal but only the attacks. I dont know what happened.
  3. How many children is too much? (Bug?)

    So In my bannerlord playthrough, I wanted to try to get a legacy started immediately, and knowing it's in early access I didn't know what to expect. So I married Ira and she joined my party. Eventually we had a child, which is awesome, but then we had another, and another, and another.....guys I...
  4. [META] why is our pfp now warband characters?

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