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  1. Custom One Handed Swords

    Screenshot for reference I noticed after crafting a custom one handed sword, that my character awkwardly holds it by the guard, with the guard clipping through their hand. This makes me sad inside. I have my doubts that such a tiny graphical problem will ever be fixed, but for now, it kind of...
  2. Ackdam

    Unresolved [Bug][Weapon]Triangular Throwing Spear listed as polearm

    Summary: Just noticed that the weapon Triangular Throwing Spear is listed as a polearm and not a throwing weapon in stats or usage: How to Reproduce: Check stats/use Triangular Throwing Spear Quest/Settlement Name (if related): None Version: Currently on 1.0.10. Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  3. Unresolved Jagged Spear cannot be used one handed

    According to the item description for the weapon "Jagged Spear" it shows it can be used One Handed and Two Handed. However when I press the key to switch the weapon mode it does not change. I can switch other weapon's modes (couch a spear, for instance) but the Jagged Spear does not shift. Is...
  4. One-handed spears

    One-handed polearms need a little love in this game. With the empire factions so prominent, I'd love to see phalanx-style combat as a viable option, but it isn't right now. In some of the eastern cities, it's common for tournaments to assign you a shield and one-handed spear in a tournament. If...
  5. Marcquez

    Couching with spears

    I noticed that normal spears are not capable of couching/jousting with during battles. Would be nice when using the button to switch weapon stances on a horse with a long weapon to couch it.
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