1. Notealot

    About why lance/spear cavalry so weak in SandBox

    There is a thread discussed about this issue before: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/fix-cavalry-charge.442262/ As we know, developers changed reorganizing range of cavalry in Beta e1.5.10, but it affects few. Every reason you can found in codes. For example, the Mount Charge...
  2. WPU- An Anarchist Clan For All

    >An Anarchist clan for weak players >There will be no leader all will be treated equally. >An opportunity for WEAK players to grow strong. To Join simply Add prefix WPU_, WPU-, WPU~ or [WPU] to your name Join WPU now, the best WEAK players ANARCHIST clan
  3. Riffraff99

    Is Sturgia the weakest Nation?

    Many say the troop tree of Sturgia is the weakest, is it really the weakest?
  4. Holy Shift

    Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

    I mean spears are currently a little bit weak and even i'm telling this when i'm not really fan of spears. You can consider to allow thrust attacks with spears while blocking a direction with shield. This will bring new balance problems of course. Spearmen will be more defensive aganist ranged...
  5. Senator Lucon

    Has anyone else noticed that Battania and the western empire always end up going first?

    Ive played at least 15 campaigns where i have gotten to the (first out) or when the point where a faction is completely conquered by the others. Which is around the 150-200 day point with little variation. But in 7 out of the 15 battania is the first to go, eaten by those around do to its...
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