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water bug

  1. Spartan3663

    In Progress Missing Water in Rivers

    Summary: Hey, my first post on the forums. All of the rivers in my game have no water. Any large body of water is still there (ie. lakes and the ocean) but rivers are empty. It may also be worth noting that I have been experiencing this problem for a couple of versions. How to Reproduce: Not...
  2. Progylkin

    Multiplayer siege bug

    It is possible to go under water and capture enemy point. Iam too from this clan and we wanted to help with fixing bugs.
  3. Like_Everyone

    Map Bugs - Water walking, Villages Floating... etc.

    So I found that you can walk on the water near Dunglanys. I posting two pictures to show what's the problem. https://ibb.co/vzPh3SK https://ibb.co/0XP77Kt Anyone found similar things?

    Need More Info Water on Top of Mountain

    I was wandering around the map when I stumbled upon this:
  5. Need More Info Red hue in the water of a stream at night

    Summary: The river of this night time map had a red hue in it. How to Reproduce: I dont know Quest/Settlement Name (if related): I dont remember Media (Screenshots & Video): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1005933395523650061/5C79C1528148FED9C044E72FF2ABA643E3FCA056/ Version: e.1.0.3...
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