1. Joseef

    POTENTIAL HIDDEN FEATURE: Directional Double-Tap on Horseback

    YOU CAN DOUBLE TAP FORWARDS/BACKWARDS TO MAKE YOUR HORSE CHANGE SPEED FASTER. It even comes with voice lines. I heard my guy shout "go!" and pop the reins to make my Aserai run faster. Glorious. This is very important.
  2. Voxdalian

    SP - General Cavalry upgrade giving back old horses.

    I don't know if this is the case for all cavalry units, I only know about the Imperial Equite. When upgrading them to Heavy Cavalry they need a warhorse instead of a regular horse, so the upgrade consumes one, but it doesn't give back the old horse. There is some historical realism to this, but...
  3. Brigand - Highway man - Vlandian Champion. Warhorse at each stage.

    When upgrading a brigand it costs a warhorse. When upgrading a highway man it costs a warhorse. Either brigand to highway man should only cost a normal horse or highway man to champion shouldn't cost an extra warhorse. War horses are hard enough to get since almost nowhere sells them, and...
  4. Naz

    SP - General Horse Stables & Wild Horse Taming

    Horse Stables: Visually similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s horse stable, when you access it Manage and name your horses Customize mane and tail styles (natural, loose, tied, short, braided, etc.), Equip it with different armor, saddles, harnesses, etc. Customize the color and finish of your...
  5. joverman

    SP - General UNITS are SMALLER than in WARBAND ! why ?

    Is that because of camera FOV or something... but when i saw (physical) size of units and HORSES, i was shocked. Can somebody fix it or make a mod? Warband is 100% more realistic in this. Thank you
  6. Lluid

    Upgrading a unit that requires a warhorse can consume xp for other units

    Summary : Upgrading a unit that requires a warhorse consumes xp for all the other units that could upgrade with a warhorse (except units that have FEWER troops ready to upgrade) How to reproduce : - have more than one mounted type of unit that have troops ready for upgrade requiring warhorses...
  7. SP - General Please bring back traning fields and sparring practice

    Ive only logged an approximate 6 hours so far but i am find the leveling sytem to be very very slow all things considered. I used to be a big fan of recruiting a bunch of low level troops and then just take them to the trainingfield and spar with my troops till my hearts content and make my army...
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