warband 1.174

  1. When you run Solid and Shade in Warband.

    A failed port, but I want to show the picture. Obviously there will be wrong and too dazzling light in some places. This is because of the HDR shader problem. I have adjusted it to "low". If it is adjusted to "high", then some abnormal lights will become brighter.
  2. WB Coding Assistance With Player Faction Troops

    I'm attempting to add player faction troops to Warband via Morgh's editor. I've already created the troops in the troops.txt via Morgh's and assigned them to the player faction, but they are not able to be recruited from player faction villages. I just started this thing yesterday so I'm still...

    Mount And Blade'nin Doğuşu

    Mount & Blade, Armağan Yavuz ve İpek Yavuz tarafından yaratılan, Türk oyun firması TaleWorlds tarafından geliştirilen ve ilk oyunu 2008'de piyasaya sürülen, Orta Çağ temalı açık dünya, aksiyon-rol yapma video oyunu serisi. İçindekiler 1Gelişim 2Ana seri 2.1Mount & Blade 2.2Mount & Blade...
  4. WB Coding Adding a new custom spawn

    I have an important question about adding a new custom party spawn to the game. I added this line of code to the module party templates. Now I'm wondering, where do I put the spawn coordinates? How is this party going to spawn in the actual game? Do I need to add something more into the module...
  5. Need More Info Blurry text..

    Hi! I have problem with text... In map, in fight same... Tried on steam and on xbox app, same
  6. Eagle'

    Resolved Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Warband sunucum için custom map eklemek istiyorum ama ne güzel harita bulabildim ne de sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atacağımı biliyorum. Sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atmam gerekiyor harita dosyalarını? Ayrıca önerebileceğiniz mapler varsa sevinirim
  7. Melk_

    Unresolved Launcher problem

    I have a problem. After trying to launch M&B Warband on steam, the launcher doesn't open and then the game close. What should i do?
  8. Willem

    Unresolved a

  9. CutContent

    WB Coding Player's face code to troop, invalid player ID

    [anyone|plyr,"member_talk", [ (troop_get_type,":gender","$g_talk_troop"), (troop_get_type,":p_gender","trp_player"), (get_player_agent_no, ":plyr"), (eq, ":gender", 1),(eq, ":p_gender", 0),(str_store_troop_face_keys, s30, "$g_talk_troop", 1),(str_store_player_face_keys...
  10. WB Coding M&B Warband - How to create a mod on 1.174 with ModS 1.171 ?

    Hello guys, I found the tutorial wich explains how to create a module with Python and Warband's module system, however it seems to be too old. I'm on Windows 10, with Warband 1.174 and the last module by TaleWorlds. Please, someone can explain me how to create a module ? When I follow the...
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