1. JA55

    Only wanderers in taverns?

    I'm unable to find any other type of "occupation" than a wanderer. Only wanderers are available for hiring as companions. Are there any better types of companions and where can I find them?
  2. TheREALHayster

    Suggestion General Wanderers that don't duplicate

    I know from talking with other mod developers that this is something that at least some of us want. I'll try and explain this as best I can, the way wanderers are currently handled by the game means that if you want certain wanderers to have a set name and face it means you have to put up with...
  3. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to marry female members of our family to wandering companions, proven loyal members of our trusted retinue. Making the companion take on a noble function within the clan and allowing us to maintain control of both characters. I would also suggest enabling...
  4. Wanderer/companion amount?

    So i have multiple saves and in each i have different amount of wanderers available. It seams the longer the day count in the game the more wanderers i can meet but i have'nt found out what is the reason in game for increasing available wanderer amount and can all possible wanderers be unlocked?
  5. Avareee

    Resolved Wanderer skills and levels are set to "0" in 1.4.3

    Hi, Some others and me have encountered an issue, and don't know whether it was a wanted change or was done unintentionally. So I run a selfmade mod of 48 Wanderers with backstories and such, and it worked just fine till 1.4.3. On that gameversion the skills I have set for the wanderers are...
  6. dragonuff

    Can we get an option to marry wanderers/companions into other houses so we can strengthen alliances?

    This topic came up between me and my brother how we typically play mount and blade is we choice a companion in each other single player game as a personification of each other so it makes us feel like we a playing coop since wanderers join as members of your clan and many have backstorys of...
  7. Finding runaway daughter (Recruitable Character)

    Once you finish a quest to bring back someones daughter (I did this in Khuzait territory). The character that you can then later recruit (the daughter), to have with you as a follower, have starting stats of 0 on everything, and what is worse, is that they start with -120 skill points. This...
  8. Resolved Cant find wanderers missing !

    When i get to the city the wanderers I am looking for is supposed to be in, i cant find them not in the tavern or any other place in the city, and when i check the hero menu it still says they supposed to be in the town, i have tried waiting a day or 2 but they still dont appear although the...
  9. twitchyb1t

    BUG: wrong profiles for wanderers

    Hi I am running 1.3 Beta and have noticed that when I right click on the wander in tavern and in party the name is not the same as what is displayed in the encyclopedia. the wanderer Alcha Ironeye who looks to be khergit by his armour has an encyclopedia page for Eupitor of Nortanisa. Bug video
  10. New wanderers do not appear on encyclopedia on the Beta 1.3.0

    As the title says, 228 days into the game and the wanderers that appear on the encyclopedia are the same as on day 1. They are around if I visit the taverns, but they do not appear on the encyclopedia. Don't think specs of my computer are related to this issue, so i'm skipping that part.
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