1. Need More Info Companion Party is stuck in Map

    Summary: My Wife and Companion that leads a Party is stuck in the map. I disbanded the party but it can not move anywhere. Now it just costs me 150 Denars per Day :D How to Reproduce: I just created a Party for my wife and then it happened. It happens every time the party wants to travel from...
  2. Neelus

    Need More Info Troops walk slowly in battle.

    Hi there fellas's Sometimes my troops walk really slowly at the enemy instead of the usuall running. It Happens when i lead my troops and when my commanders lead them. Anyone else had the problem as well?
  3. [Crash] Iyakis - Complete crash if trying to walk in the city

    City/Settlement: Iyakis Crash on entry - Loading screen, and then a crash after around 10-30 seconds There are multiple ways to achieve this one, all resulting in a crash on trying to walk or enter Iyakis. So, I went to try to get it with the rest of the army from the Western Empire, we had...
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