1. In Progress Stacking wage reducing perks results in negative party wages

    Summary: My quartermaster has 328 Stewardship skill, and the Frugal, Efficient Campaigner (the perk's description says it's not implemented, but it does reduce wages), Master of Warcraft, and Price of Loyalty perks, which gives her a total of 5+25+25+64=119% wage reduction when in an army that...
  2. Resolved Recruits disappear after loading a game (ver.1.5.10)

    Summary: Every time when I load a game all available recruits in the nearest cities disappear. There were no any lords nearby who could hire them. And they don't appear when I load the game again. Also, after loading a game army wages payment and food consumption moment triggers every time. For...
  3. Bratok

    Independent economic sustainability in early-mid game.

    First of all, I've been a huge fan of the series since M&B It seems that BL has the same economy issues that WB had, only these issues got even worse. Since WB I prefer a stable sandbox gameplay. I like to stay independent as longer as possible, without becoming a vassal or a mercenary to a...
  4. Premackattack

    World Economy vs Gear Economy

    26 hours in and I think I broke the game. i love it, but, it's now definitely broken. I've got two issues with the economy that others are talking about elsewhere, but I'll outline how one fix might help both issues. Without the fix, I'm not playing Bannerlord, I'm playing GodSmith Simulator...
  5. D0c1

    cavalry units wages shouldn't be the same as foot units

    cavalry gets a 20% bonus in simulated battles, they give a speed bonus on the overworld map, the AI doesn't need to have a horse to upgrade into them AND their wages are the same as foot units of equal level. they're too OP. at the very least, their wages need to be increased as mounted units...
  6. Resolved Serious caravan Issues

    I tried making a game where I just try to run a bunch of caravans to make lots of money, but I've run into loads of odd issues with the most annoying one being that when I disband a caravan to level up the companion that was leading the caravan (because for some reason you can't pick companion...
  7. divyanthj

    Resolved Party wages broken in v1.5.0

    I have about 99 troops but I'm making 31 denars as party wages. Not sure what else is added to it but my net income is now 40. I don't own any workshops or fiefs. https://ibb.co/PYTQnPL These are the mods I have installed https://ibb.co/Hrk3sGJ
  8. Resolved Insane party wages for companion's party

    Summary: 2000+ denars for a party with 20 men (the one running above me in the picture) ? How to Reproduce: Create a party for your companion Media (Screenshots & Video): https://pasteboard.co/Jciwoqn.png Version: 1.4.2 BETA
  9. 1.4.1 Garrison Wage is this a Bug?

    Can anyone help me out here with no mods running my garrison wages are insane to put this into prospective if have 1 of any kind of peasant or any unit in my garrison and my wages are 5000 but then when i add more troops it goes up from 5000 at the normal garrison rate its as if the starting...
  10. Schoulayer

    POLL: Passive Income - How good should it be?

    I'm curious where people stand on this. I take the position that caravans and workshops should be sufficient to pay for passive expenses like troop wages and food. Passive income from fiefs should be sufficient to pay for a reasonable garrison for a castle. What I earn in battle should be what I...
  11. Need More Info Cannot pay party wages despite having money

    After the new patch it seems that every time wages are paid, my party isn't paid. Even though I have more than enough money to pay them. Why is this happening? Can it be fixed?
  12. Need More Info Bug Unable to pay Wages

    it says i am unable to pay wages and drops my morale even though i am making +5000 gold per day and my wages are 120 gold
  13. Mr Similan

    Need More Info Buying a workshop makes you unable to pay wages

    After buying a wood workshop in Epicrotea I was unable to pay 3 consecutive wages, even though I had enough gold. Then I bought a second wood workshop at Dunglanys and I failed to pay my wages while still being payed 5k from profits at Epicrotea.
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