1. Consul_Kaiser

    Eligibility for taking fiefs after a siege

    What is the actual basis for being granted a fief or determining one's eligibility in the base game after your faction takes one? It seems at best to be random but I can never figure out the main basis behind it. Thankfully the Diplomacy Mod semi-fixes it but when my current factions takes a...
  2. five bucks

    Patch Notes v1.2.3 ...?

    Beta v1.2.3 Latest Changes: Singleplayer Kingdoms and Diplomacy Kingdoms now correctly determine their strength in tribute calculation. Raids are no longer overvalued. The AI is slightly less likely to declare war on weaker kingdoms. Having high relation with a noble now makes it 50% cheaper...
  3. five bucks

    These EASY changes Taleworlds can do to make the game MUCH more fun

    "Doctors HATE him! Make your game actually enjoyable with these FIVE WEIRD TRICKS!" This game has problems I have seen other people complain about for two years, most recently in @Strat Gaming's "Honest Review". Here is how Taleworlds can easily solve the biggest problems with simple changes...
  4. StaceMcGate

    Kingdom Relations/Voting 1.70

    1) Donating noble prisoners still generates relation gains with clans. -- This leads to cheese tactics in which the player can generate hundreds of points of relation gains with clans, far outpacing any other method of gaining relations with clans. Donating noble prisoners should only...
  5. Short_n_quick

    Need More Info [e.1.7.0 Beta] Kingdom-related communicates display "no longer relevant popup"

    Summary: In my sandbox game, when I am mercenary and I receive kingdom-related messages such as "Voting to end/stard war" or "Settlement X was granted to Lord Y" it only displays "This message is no longer available", even if I click almost immediately on it. It either means, that window for...
  6. manduran

    Resolved Fief election despite promoted companion owns it

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Capture a settlement, grant it to vassal. Fief Election will still start with different vassals, ignoring the ownership of the promoted vassal. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Varcheg Media (Screenshots & Video): I can provide a save...
  7. How hard is it to add 4 candidatures?

    As a ruler of a kingdom, I cant even have mine as a candidature and keep the settlement for myself even if I do the siege on my own with my companions. Now I only have 4 settlements but some of my vassals even have 6-7. I have to vote for them because I can't vote for myself as a ruler of the...
  8. Apocal

    SP - UI Can we have a display of Merit Score?

    It is obvious that players are being continuously frustrated because they don't know how or when they will get onto the ballot for a fief. Some examples: I hope you get the picture. Can you please make Merit Score a visible element so players know who to expect to come up for fief...
  9. StaceMcGate

    SP - General Kingdom relations and policy suggestions

    In this thread I'll be listing ideas on how to make the current Kingdom mechanics (as of 1.5.10) more dynamic and to be prevent the current homogenous state it currently is in Increasing relation gains and decreases - (Bug) As a ruler, your decisions have no gains or decreases despite the...
  10. Resolved Notification for voting fief owner: Disappears and appears

    So, the issue is that when i conquer fief A, usually a notification appears so i can vote the new fief owner. The problem is that few times i have seen that notification appearing and promptly dissapearing, and when i click it (very diifcult) says that the vote is not available anymore.
  11. Samwell_1999

    SP - General Very General Suggestions To Improve/Add Immersion and Content

    I love the Mount & Blade series ever since I found the original M & B in an old GAME store in my local town in Wales, United Kingdom. I know the developers at Taleworlds at brilliant at doing what they do and they know exactly how to best develop their own game, however I would just like to drop...
  12. vth_Musketeer

    Need More Info No longer receiving notifications for any events and my character's party banner no longer shows up

    Summary: Two issues: Issue 1: My banner doesn't show up on the campaign map. So, sometimes when I zoom out I can't really tell which party is mine because it just shows my character on his horse. If I create an Army, there is no army banner with the gold embroidered outline. So, my army is...
  13. Resolved Voting causes -100 relation to the player

    When voting against another lord or king for a fief or for a decision to be made, their disposition, as well as their clans disposition instantly becomes -100 toward the player. I'm not sure if this is meant to be an actual feature but it's so extreme it seems to be a bug.
  14. Apocal

    Resolved Ruler takes excessive fiefs and how to fix it.

    Rulers in 1.4.1 and e1.4.2 take a very high number of fiefs. The easiest way to reproduce is to simply let a game play out and watch the number of ruler-held fiefs increase continuously. One user ran through the applicable code and identified the almost-certain cause: Another user tested it...
  15. In Progress Voting for fiefs in your own kingdom is broken

    In my 1.4.2 save after creating a kingdom and getting a clan to join it, every fief i capture is given to me without voting so i cant give anything to my vassals. Anyone else is having the same issue or is it just me?
  16. gRocc0

    Resolved Cannot Override Decisions

    Like the title says, I was able to override policy voting or any voting as a Ruler and a King around 1.3.0 now in beta 1.4.1 even when in 1.4.0 I cannot override It makes me vote like a normal Vassal, Even if this is not a bug nor glitch, would appreciate the help.
  17. Issues with food shortages, voting for fiefs

    1. Food shortages in towns and castles you own seem to occur for no good reason - even when there's been no war or raiding, and every buiding is at max. It's rarely possible to keep a town or castle fully garrisoned, or even half garrisoned. Could there be more explanation about the causes and...
  18. Apocal

    SP - General Allow for Influence to be used in the Army (War Councils)

    Right now, there is extremely little interactivity when it comes to being a member of an army. You are forced either to follow the army's leader, leave the army or (extreme measure) forcibly disband it. Instead, why not add a "War Council" for big events such as: On army creation (+/- 3 days?)...
  19. Not on voting ballot for fiefs in my own Kingdom?

    After starting my own Kingdom and taking my only 2 fiefs with me, I gained 3 more on my own. This was before I recruited Lords from other Kingdoms.. Now that there are 8 clans, I am no longer on the voting ballot when acquiring new settlements. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I have...
  20. Feedback Voting System

    Please implement a feedback voting system so that we can better see which ideas have been suggested and support the ones we want. Forum posts are too disorganised. For example, Microsoft Voice of the User:
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