1. Diplomacy, War, Politics

    This is one of my pet peeves/hopeful areas of improvement and my take on what would fix things: The problem: Factions declare war, make peace, and otherwise decide things as one single unit. In a game called Bannerlord you'd expect there to be some functional difference between a clan and a...
  2. Resolved 20+20+20 influence gives 33% vote, same as 100 influence

    Summary: Me and my clansmen conquerred a town and the vote started. I was not among new owner nominees (probably have too many towns and castles compared to other clans in faction already, cant figure out other reasons...), so could not vote for myself, but noticed that the first potencial owner...
  3. iwantyochicken

    Resolved Kingdom Notifications and sidebar notifications not working after 1.5.2 update

    My single player game stopped showing me the pop up messages and right sidebar bubble reminders for votes, sieges, wars, etc. This happened right after the 1.5.2 update. I am not running any mods. The small notifications at the bottom left side are still working.
  4. kreamy

    Help me develop the COOP concept

    Hi, I previously posted how COOP could be implemented. Before you post about what you think the issues are and why it cannot be done, think about how it COULD be done. This post is NOT looking to develop the concept HERE, rather, to develop the group who will contribute to how it would work...
  5. Holy Shift

    'Council of the Commons' doesnt Give Influence

    and AI is less likely to vote for this decision.
  6. Resolved Voting for Peace as a Mercenary Causes Crash

    Hello! I have experienced this crash twice now so I figured I would report it, it seems rather consistent. I did not see another report, apologies if I missed it. While working as a mercenary for the Sturgians, a vote to make peace with the Khergits occurred. I opened the Kingdom screen and...
  7. Nid

    Feif ownership votes are extremely broken

    After pledging to Derthert of Vlandia I was thrust into a war on three fronts. I joined an army on a whim and helped besiege 3 castles and 2 cities in the north. Eventually the time came where I was to be given my first (and usually only) fief to ensure my loyalty. To my extreme surprise, I was...
  8. Need More Info Kingdom not proposing me for election to a new castle/town

    Hello, I don't know if this is really a bug, but it's been a while since I was selected for a vote to choose a new owner of a castle or a town. I didn't notice it at first, but after taking a few settlement as part of an army I was not eligible to ownship. I really noticed it just now, when I...
  9. Vidortan

    Need More Info Kingdom Policy Fails Despite Having Majority of Votes

    When a policy is up for a vote, the majority sometimes will fail despite having more support. Why is this? I assume this is a bug.
  10. Hollo1001

    Challenging someones fief ownership in a Kingdom is pointless, when you can't vote for yourself.

    When spending 200 influence to move someones fief ownership, in a kingdom, there should be an option to vote for yourself to take the fief, otherwise there is no point in doing so and you just lose the influence and additional relationship status.
  11. Resolved Can't Give Yourself Fief

    As a king of my own faction, for some reason I can't give myself a fief. In the vote screen it says I ultimately get the final choice, but their is no option to give it to myself, only a selection of lords. Its getting to the point where everyone is about to get more fiefs than me.
  12. Resolved Game crashes when voting for a fief owner

    Everytime i vote and click done, my game freezes for a second and crashes. This started happening after patch 1.0.5 Btw the settlement im having an issue with is Jalmarys Plss fix
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