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  1. JA55

    Voice Attack! (command your troops with voice)

    Is there an option to give orders with my voice? This is the must option for Bannerlord. If it's not in the game they should add it ASAP.
  2. TheWarrior88

    BL Other voice.assets.bank modding

    Hello dear TaleWorlds team! I have a problem editing the voice.assets.bank. every time I have edited it, the following error message appears: Application crashed because a fatal error occurred while checking sound bank files. Re-validating game files may solve this issue. -Files (s): * .bank...
  3. Count_Morfetico

    In Progress [Bug] Voice option for female character resets to type "1" after character creation

    Summary: So, I created a female character and selected voice type '2', right after, in campaign, the voice is set to type '1'. Tried modifying character ('V' key) and can't change to 2. How to Reproduce: Create a female character and select voice type 2 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit...
  4. Keimpe

    In Progress From first launch this bug still exists

    Summary: Male voice character is always 1. How to Reproduce: Try to change the voice of the character. And notice it always defaults to voice 1. No cheat codes Computer Specs: Irrelevant.
  5. Fell

    In Progress Using the barber to change hair causes the character's voice to reset to 'Default voice 1'....

    Bug: Using the barber to change hair causes the character's voice to reset to 'Default voice 1'.... Nothing specific really applies... I think it has to do with the way the barber mechanic is currently implemented: opens part of the initial character creation setup. My culture/background...
  6. In Progress Character Voice Selection Bug

    Simple issue really, I checked it on my game and popped into several streams on Twitch both using the 1.5.3 Beta and the 1.5.2 Main. All had the exact same issue. Despite having selected male voice "2" or "3", they all actually had the voice "1" applied to their characters. When hitting "v"...
  7. Beergnome

    Disabling your character's voice on battle map?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable your character's voice on the battle map when giving orders? It just gets tiring listening to their commands stop and stutter each time you switch up commands. Especially if you're doing a bunch in a row.
  8. Holy Shift

    Horn Sound When Moving with All Formations

    but to prevent overusing it; only at army vs army battles and only for ordering all formations at once. You can consider to use different sounds for different orders and cultures, even cheer sounds for charge command for intensity.
  9. Voice-over for Bannerlord?

    Hey there - I hope the devs will look at this, and didn't know where else I could post it. I'd love to do some voiceover work for Bannerlord. I know it can be an expensive process usually, but I wouldn't ask for much 😅 I'm aware their current statement is that only some voice-lines, greetings...
  10. Bloc

    SP Native Battle Speech - Pre-Battle General Speech Mod

    You are on your horse, breathing slowly, looking at the mighty enemy army that is standing in front of you. Then you are looking at your fellow soldiers, who followed your orders without any second thought in your Campaign against these barbarians. You know that this is the last time you are...
  11. BL Other How to extract voice.assets change and assemble to .bank file

    Hi guys ı want to voice acting but ı need help How to extract voice.assets.bank ? How to combine changed file into .bank ?
  12. WB Coding Command Voices

    Hi there, mi lords! Is there a Warband mod that allows us to hear some shouting when we command? I saw it in Crusaders and Jihad. But I don't play that mod. I love to change the screen pics, music tracks or some armors of the mods I play. It makes the game much more immersive. But I am not good...
  13. Komut Sesleri

    Merhabalar. Komut verdiğimiz zaman ses duyduğumuz modlar muhakkak vardır. Crusaders and Jihad modunda vardı bu olay. Sanırım arkadaş kendi seslerini eklemişti oyuna:) Daha önce oynadığım modlara zırh ya da silah eklediğim olmuştu. Ama bu komut seslerini ekleme olayını beceremedim. sounds.txt ile...
  14. Puchacz

    Ranked(Dereceli) Sistem ve Voice Chat

    Arkadaşlar bildiğiniz gibi oyun e-spora çok uygun (Özellikle captain modu) bence en kısa sürede ranked sistemine geçilmeli ayrıca voice chat özelliğide gelmesi çok iyi olur biliyorum bazılarınız saçma diyebilir ama captain modunda takım ile iletişim çok önemli yazı yazarak çok vakit kaybı...

    Bannerlordun Sesleri

    Bannerlordun seslerinin yüklü olduğu bir dosya veya youtube kanalınızda playlist paylaşabilir misiniz ? Oyunun seslerini bildirim sesi vs yapmak isteyen olur diye. Ben anında yapacam çünkü :D
  16. SnKagitbkc

    Voice Communication

    When we do tactics during the game, writing may be a waste of time, will there be voice communication in the future?
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