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voice chat

  1. DeathBG

    In Progress Voice chat + Kick poll exploit

    Summary:When someone is talking while being kicked he will crash the game and everyone will have to restart their game. How to Reproduce: You make a poll to kick a person. If the person is pressing V and talking and the poll gets accepted at the same time as he talks everyone will crash. Scene...
  2. Resolved Voice chat

    Summary: "Mute voice" option disappeared. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    e1.6.1 need volume setting for voice chat

    e1.6.1 I can hear very, very quietly in the voice chat of my fellow party members, while they hear me seemingly well. Sound settings in the screenshot:
  4. CeyXiong

    We need Voice Chat!

    Bannerlord is multiplayer game and anything can happen suddenly in game. So text chat is very slow for giving info or orders. But if devs. bring a new update what including Voice Chat, that's make everything easier. @m.arda
  5. Zen-G

    Çok Oyunculu'da Yaşanan Genel Sıkıntılar ve Beklenen Çözümler !

    Herkese selamlar. Bu konu başlığı altında kendim de bizzat deneyimlediğim ve birçok konu başlığı altında da gözlemlediğim sorunlara değineceğim. En az birini bile yaşıyorsanız belirtin ki yöneticiler ve geliştiriciler yapılacak ve düzeltilecek iş rotasına belki bunlardan birini ekler. 1)Oyun...
  6. Xiaoxiao

    Localized Voice Chat

    The multiplayer is fun but it gets old fast. The best mode is siege but due to there being no local voice chat its nearly impossible to organize a team. Adding some local voice chat would greatly improve the teamwork focus and would make for some hilarious shinagings. It would make the siege...
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