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  1. Need More Info reporting some visual bugs..

    1. in character creation when doing aserai beduin the clothes that showed on your perents are bugged at few spots 2. seems like banner insignia are off center on many shields and also in manue where theres a banner of a clan its bit off center.. 3.theres some typo in the clan discription "is...
  2. TimIZ

    Resolved Blurred shoes and companions beard missing in army menue

    Mods enabled: Realistic battle mod CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: RX 580 Bug 1: Foot armor appears completely blurred in the inventory, also without any mod enabled. Affects different shoe types as well (wrapped shoes, ragged boots, etc.). Sometimes it looks normal but mostly blurred, waiting doesn`t...
  3. vonbalt

    In Progress Scene Editor Visual bug when loading modified world map

    When loading the base game's world map everything works fine, when loading it from a modified scene.sxcene it gets a visual bug with apparently the terrain not loading, it solves itself if you lower the editor's graphics to low or very low but it's still there in higher graphics options like the...
  4. Abbakus_86

    In Progress Minor visual bugs in character, blacksmith and inventory screens

    -All items visuals messed up -Unresponsive when switching weapon components for reforging, seems bugged -When switching inventory categories visuals get bugged -Inventory capacity symbol not there. -Various visual bugs in character screen?
  5. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening Strange Visual glitch on Main_map that doesnt appear in the editor

    I have a really annoying glitch I cant figure out, in the editor it doesnt appear and no matter what kind of terrain I try and use to overwrite that area (even though I cant see the glitch in the editor), it still appears in game, but doesnt show in the editor. Heres some screenshots of the...
  6. Apolon

    In Progress Flags "UseTeamColor = true" on some items

    On some items in multiplayer, the use team color flag is incorrectly set in the mpitems
  7. Need More Info Visual bug - multicoloured overworld map lighting issue

    At random points in the campaign playing beta 1.5.3, the overworld view suddenly becomes shiny and technicolour. I am running 3 mods none of which affect graphics (Extended Family, Houses of Calradia, Noble Titles). I do not think any of these are the cause. If I enable screen space...
  8. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.4.3 Beta] Glitched LOD textures in Kargev and similar villages

    Summary: There is a village named Kargev in Sturgia which has a glitched LOD texure if you're on the bridge and look at the horizon. Better watch screenshots, since it's hard to describe by words. The same glitch is presented in all vilages which are using Kargev's scene. How to Reproduce: Visit...
  9. VengeanceBringer

    In Progress Highland Warlord Bracers Bugs

    Here is a quick run down of what I have noticed -The item in question seems to have a small slit shaped hole that can be viewed from the behind on the LEFT glove that allows the players to see through the item entirely. -This slit cannot be seen from the front. -It is not present on female models.
  10. Andrei[beast]

    Resolved *Visual bug* handle of crafted sword is out of proportion

    So i crafted a 2 handed longsword with thamaskene steel and other things but the particular handle that i used and gave the sword the biggest amoiunt of swing damage got bugged out and below the guard of the sword is a big empty space, then the handle that i mentioned, another empty space and...
  11. ileboii

    Resolved Getting a forest speed debuff, but there's no forest.

    Beta 1.4.0 There are a lot of areas like this; no visual representation of a forest but still getting a speed debuff. ps. Please don't add trees in there, but remove the debuff. There are way too much forest in the game already. Besides, Vlandian grasslands feel and look so good.
  12. Sid-S

    Visual Graphical Bug/Glitch with certain armor/troop

    Hey I'm having a very weird graphical glitch with certain troop where if the come into the screen the screen turn black with weird visuals. It also happens with an armor I found (check picture) that seems to be coming from the "Eastern Brass Lamellar Over Mail". Also the troops that weird...
  13. Need More Info Black screen bug

    Just wanted to post this sort of bug in case noone has before, i'm not sure and couldn't find it. Anyway here's the everloving fug i found in my game while playing a tournament
  14. In Progress Flintolg Castle Walls are 1 mile away in the river

    I recently came to siege Flintolg Castle as the South Empire with my army, and whilst I was sieging I noticed the walls were in the near river and the siege engines had turned sideways to damage them. Not sure what else there is to put here, I am running the latest beta with the latest updates/...
  15. Resolved [e1.1.1 & Beta e1.2.0] Black textures/texture doesn't loading on low overall settings.

    Summary: Basically the textures load normally on High and very High quality, but doesn't load properly on Medium, low and very low performance settings and everything gets black (as you can see in the 1minute video) How to Reproduce: Just change the performance settings to low or very low...
  16. Resolved Blacksmithing material visual bug (Turkish Language)

    "Güney İşi Süs Kabzabaşı" Parçasında görsel bug var. '][/URL]
  17. Unresolved Desert Bandit Hideout Shifting Texture Bug

    Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Desert Bandit Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Youtube Link Version: e1.0.0 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 GPU: Radeon RX 5700XT CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Storage Device: NVME SSD
  18. Melion Castle UFO sighting (Visual bug)

    Version 1.11 Besides this quite unimportant bug there was a bigger bug I saw. there were a lot of archer spots however 20-50% of the archers defending castle were just standing idle and not shooting at us...
  19. Unresolved Bracers visual bug

    Link to visual issue Put the highland noble bracers on my civilian outfit and saved the game, when I loaded back in the next day it has this weird visual bug. I only see it when in civilian clothes, so for now I've just removed them until it gets fixed. Thanks for reading.
  20. Unresolved Visual Bug [Wounded Troops]

    The game is showing that I have wounded troops in my party, even though I do not. This is only a visual bug and doesn't actually affect the cap of the party however.