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  1. Lopezgdanny

    In Progress Preventive Medicine doesn't work when attacking villages

    Summary: The character had the preventive medicine perk which should recover 30% of lost hit points after a battle, but after demanding a village for resources, and fighting the millitia, the character hit points didn't recover at all. How to Reproduce: Have a main character with preventive...
  2. Foryourinfo123

    Raiding is boring.

    They need to let us actually go into the village and raid . Instead of letting us just fight the militia we should be able to load up into the town and kill live stock , villagers and the militia. it would make for a more fun experience especially if your playing as a raider, Then after your...
  3. In Progress Graphic rendering bug in a battle

    Summary: After launching a battle while defending a village from a lord raiding it, a renderer bug appears - the general graphics is being displayed only in the upper left quarter of the screen, while the UI elements (deployment options, troop "icons" etc.) are displayed properly on the whole...
  4. In Progress Crashing when protecting village from raid

    Summary: Game crashes when you try to enter a village owned by you to protect it from a raid. Seems to crash when you're character hits the village, game does not crash if you click the attacking party and engage with them directly. How to Reproduce: Click a village from your faction being...
  5. vth_Musketeer

    Need More Info Game freezes at the end of fight with villagers

    Summary: I am currently playing as a Vlandian, but serving as a mercenary to the southern empire. I attacked several Khuzait villages over the past several game days with no issues. I attacked Okhutan Village (south of Chaikand) to force the villagers to give me supplies. The fight went as all...
  6. In Progress [Beta 1.6.0] Battle in Alebat spawns player party inside a house

    Summary: When doing a battle inside Alebat, the players party spawns inside a house. How to Reproduce: Start a battle nearby/inside of Alebat village Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): im not going to the trouble of uploading screenshots...
  7. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.5.10 Beta] Preventative medicine perk not healing player after "help the village" fights, fighting a enemy raiding a village.

    Summary: After attacking an enemy that was raiding a villages, being knocked out during the fight and finishing the battle (in the village map, my character was not healed any HP from the preventative medicine perk. This is a battle, it should proc when my side wins. How to Reproduce: Have said...
  8. Kazet

    SP - General Village defenders Tactic Options

    Hi, While working on Tactical Regions and Positions for my village contest scene, I noticed that village militia do not use them when I raid the village. Breaking in the InitializeTeam method, they indeed only have the TacticCharge in their tactic options. This is due to the fact that they have...
  9. Köyde oluşan sıkıntı

    Köy içinde düşman ile karşılaşırken yoldaşlar bizden uzakta, düşmanın yanında ortaya çıkıyor.
  10. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Need More Info 1.4.3 Beta Strange color changingcube in village battle map of Ispantar deserter quest (images)

    It also changed to red and white. It might have been in the battle in Okhutan instead, but I think it was Ispantar. This was during the extortion by deserters quest. I have a video but my internet keep dropping the upload so I'm posting pics for now.
  11. Resolved Troop formations start next to the enemy in village/hideout battles

    If you assign troops to formations 5 or 6 in the party screen, they seem to start hideout/village battles in the middle of the map and start fighting straight away! I'm just trying to get my troops into formation, but the killfeed is already going nuts! I assume most people will be putting...
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