1. CaptainFracas

    All the information I brought back from Gamescom (Banners, bug fixes, futur of the game, UI changes, new crafting parts in forge, consoles, etc)

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit late but the video is here ! (got delayed because of personal issues) This post won't be as detailed as I would like it to be. I'm currently in a rush. Nevertheless everything I have is in the video and it has handmade English subtitles. Enjoy! Personally, I can't wait to...
  2. 1000 Cavalry battle gave my PC anxiety

    Hi, doing some stuff on YT, hope it might interest you
  3. chAOS!

    Custom Servers are a game Changer!

    Even though we are in the super early stages of it, I think Custom Servers are going to be the biggest thing to come to Bannerlord!
  4. Kacmem

    Resolved Crash before and after battles

    Summary: After 10-12 hrs of playing when my character started to lead army all battles lead to crash: How to Reproduce: just play M&B Bannerlord Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: W10 GPU: GTX1080 GPU Driver...
  5. Resolved Weird Graphical Issue That Cause Cannot Play Game Properly

    I verified game files but still same. Summary: How to Reproduce: It happens when graphics is rendering. Have you used cheats and if so which: No, it can be seen in the main menu. Scene Name (if related): Every scene has graphics. Media (Screenshots & Video): Video link...
  6. Why I am Unable To Watch MKV Format Movies?

    Hello, friends. How are you? First of all, I want to say that, this is my first post in this forum. Guys, I am posting this for a solution to my PC. That is, whenever I am trying to play any MKV file through VLC, It crashed each time. friends, I don't know why this is happening, and how to solve...
  7. Jymy175

    New highlight vid

    Hello. After complaining about few things, I feel the need to post something positive for a change. So here's a new highlight video of the epic moments the game still has...
  8. HoloNesan

    [In the name of Jerusalem 2] Early Trailer and gear showcase

    If you want to hear more news, please follow us on: Twitter: =AT3wbWoM6z0_fWMlXBSNCJhI0lIMmR90xjOrCzjL7zTNpIN2TNTvMppOyD2pSvr-VIyZdLef5VgR4czHLmoXjHzuDzp9RRxVBzW-jtnRnSQg2ys5sueqv9stA6OoGfP3T4ceDN0pqu6yw7WGt6q4XXmyCntZJBl0HS4PTI725MDssmIj61DlwgXyOvudqnsBhcvI'] Facebook...
  9. Vievite

    Party of Heroes Campaign - No non-hero units in party, no exploits, no save scumming

    So I've put together a full (edited) campaign video with narration. The concept is trying to capture a castle where you don't hire non-hero units to your party (I do collect army troops through companions leading their own parties). It had a really interesting dynamic with hero management, and I...
  10. Flopz

    Duché de Normandie - 14e Gaming Videos

  11. Tallion

    Please I will want to know how to remove the color halo when selecting the units

    Please I will want to know how to remove the color halo when selecting the units, it starts to stain in the game and at the same time, if there is a way to zap the flags to position the units, thank you like in this video
  12. Vick Tide

    Bannerlord Skirmish Plays - Vick Tide Volume 3

    Hello, Hope you enjoy! Final Round ( FULL ) of a match I had last week on NA East. Great servers to play on, if you can get a game... Cheers!
  13. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Super romantic adventure Bannerlord story! Very nice big succesful! (actually just my last hours gameplay)

    While looking for scale to buy for my brother is see this woman dealer... er I mean Clan leader has an interesting quest! I would love to kidnap Chambui and step on her and deny he bathing indefinitely.... oh or just give her to you okay. But it turns out I'm not qualified...
  14. SGT_Night

    Roman Mod For Bannerlord

    Hey guys, i'm playing a really cool roman mod that is under development and had done a video of a cool battle i had during the campaign and wanted to share with anyone interested Roman mod: CA Eagle Rising AI Mod: Realistic Battle AI Module
  15. Bannerlords First Motte and Bailey Castle!

  16. CaptainFracas

    VIDÉOS - Traductions de Development Update

    Ave combattants de Calradia ! Je traduis les Developments update que Taleworlds sort sur leurs chaîne Youtube. Voici les DU les plus récents:
  17. Macbeth of Gondor

    Tutorial Scenes Macbeth's Scene Editor Tutorial Series

    Hello everyone :party: I'm one of the developers for the Kingdoms of Arda mod for Bannerlord (LOTR mod). I'm making a tutorial series on Youtube, so everyone can get into the scene editor and start making scenes for Bannerlord. In the future I will probably show how I make some of the scenes...
  18. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    [1.5.2] OBS Studio cannot see the game (black screen)

    1.5.2 OBS Studio cannot see the game (black screen) Windows 10 x64 PRO. Any other games are fine. Prior to this update, OBS Studio was capturing everything fine. Window capture compatibility with anti-cheat tried to enable / disable - does not help. Video card: RTX 2080 Capturing the...
  19. NamFlow

    The pleasure is on my side! Let's maybe not meet on the balcony next time, shall we? People seem to be peeling bananas in here!
  20. Bannerlord - Peasant Warfare

    Hey Gang! I made a short video reviewing / making a few jokes around our favourite game, bannerlord. It would mean a lot if you gave it a watch!
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