1. RodLimitless

    vassal in my army has no gear, how can i gear him? he is NOT related

    ive this dude in my army a vassal apparently, but he has like, no dad or nothing. and he has 0 armor he keeps getting 1 shot by a rock in battle. any way i can gift him a mailpiece or something ?? i tried trading but it wont let me trade him goods. any way i can like adopt him as a brother or...
  2. five bucks

    Minister in Lord's Hall: A remote communication system to reduce frustration!

    The most frustrating thing about playing as a ruler is you can't send messages, or have people come visit you, like a king could in real life. Instead you have to travel yourself to the location of anyone you want to talk to, and you don't even know where they actually are, which can mean a lot...
  3. Csatádi

    Becoming a vassal is too easy

    The mercenary phase is very short. It would be better if we are required to have a tier 3 clan to become a vassal. Renown accumulates quickly in battles. This would fit the fact all NPC clans are at least tier 3.
  4. Vassals not recruiting troops. How do vassals recruit troops?

    Hi You are now able to nominate companions as vassals. PREMISE: I have financial stability through smithing and selling of weapons. GOAL: Conquer all Calradia. Have companions with high tacticts/steward/leadership and assign them fiefs to run, in order for them to create parties of their own and...
  5. StaceMcGate

    Clan Rank & Renown

    In this thread I'll talk about the following issues I see regarding Clan tiers and renown, and what I feel needs to be implemented to flush out these mechanics. 1) The unbalanced rate at which the player accumulates renown 2) Introducing a new stat for measuring nobility/right to rule 3)...
  6. influence to money

    is there a way to convert my influence to money as vassal just like mercenary contracts
  7. Suggestion: The Ability to Form Mercenary Armies.

    I suggest that we be allowed to form mercenary armies consisting of our companions and their parties. I cannot see why this feature must be restricted to being a vassal or being part of your own kingdom. As long as the mercenary army is restricted to your own companions, it would seem to make...
  8. Sanctumm

    Resolved Noble disappeared - invisible

    So i am on a trip to get more clan members and want "Amenon" from the western empire I find him but he is engaged in a battle vs the battanians and he looses and gets caught I talk to the battanians and pay to get Amenon - and then i release/drop him rom party But now he is invisible - i...
  9. Feature request: Kingdom subjugation

    when a kingdom loses all of its fiefs it should lose its kingdom status and become a regular clan that can be vassalized like any other non-minor faction
  10. Troop bonus and vassal hiring

    Hello! My suggestion would be on battle bonuses what made more realistic battles. The idea is that every factions has it own land and when they fight on their own field they get damage bonus because they know better how to fight "at home". For example the sturgian soldiers earn more damage on...
  11. Apocal

    Are there circumstances where nobles (not vassals) will lead parties?

    I'm putting together something and I've noticed that many lords and ladies I'm 100% sure lead parties are being listed as "Noble of X" (the title of non-party leading lords and ladies) instead of "Vassal of X" (used for combat leaders) in the encyclopedia. Is there some situation that leads to...
  12. Resolved "Propose" button is always active after entering "Kingdom" tab

    Summary: I'm a vassal of Sturgia and after entering any of the "Kingdom" subtabs (Policies, Diplomacy, Clans, etc.) the "Propose" button is always active no matter how much influence I have. After browsing in subtab (for example, cliking at other policies) the button starts working properly How...
  13. Some (Lategame) Suggestions

    First of all, please apologies for my English. I know it`s bad, but im still learning. (Not easy for an old Man) I spend quite a few while to think about a Lategame thats worth playing. Now it is just (in my Opinion) a "Make war and destroy your Enemies" game, what gets boring really fast. My...
  14. Need More Info Can't give fiefs to my vassals.

    In my 1.4.2 campaign i recently created a kingdom and convinced a faction to join it. However, whenever i capture a castle or a city the game automatically declares me as its lord without voting or the option to give it to my vassal and since i am the ruling faction I can't vote to disown it...
  15. Lords leave all the time

    Just paid adram ~10 mil Denars to join me, supported him up to 100 influence or so, the next day he left my kingdom. This happens over and over again. If this is working as intended, there should be reprucusions for leaving. This seems seriously broken. I even gifted land and they still leave.
  16. EsmeTheHorseHead

    Resolved Spawn at nonaccess location

  17. Resolved Leaving Kingdom causes CTD - !Gamebreaking!

    Summary: Game crashes when leaving my current kingdom, as a vassal of Derthert of Vlandia How to Reproduce: Attempting to leave the Kingdom tab whilst attempting to "Keep all holdings" causes the crash. It crashes to the desktop, but no popup occurs, it just silently crashes without any...
  18. BlueFreddyYumYum

    Resolved Empire destroyed. Later Southern Empire came back with Rhagea as their leader but she is a vassal in my own kingdom. Empire can't be destroyed anymore

    I destroyed the Empire. Later the Southern Empire came back but Rhagea is a vassal in my own kingdom. She is the leader of the Soutern Empire at war with my kingdom and a vassal in my own kingdom at the same time (she still acts as a vassal in my kingdom, not my ennemy). Southern Empire...
  19. Apocal

    Allow for Influence to be used in the Army (War Councils)

    Right now, there is extremely little interactivity when it comes to being a member of an army. You are forced either to follow the army's leader, leave the army or (extreme measure) forcibly disband it. Instead, why not add a "War Council" for big events such as: On army creation (+/- 3 days?)...
  20. Rhyuus

    Hilfe! Die vlandische Armee hat meine zukünftige Frau entführt!

    Blätternd durch Calradias schwerstes Werk, durch zahllose Schilderungen potenzieller Kunigunden, fanden Wir Sie, die Dame Unserer Träume. Wir folgten dem Geschwätz des Tavernenvolkes und dem Flüstern der Waldläufer bis Ihr Antlitz auf Uns herabstrahlte. Zweier Male hatten Wir die Ehre, Ihrer...
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