1. Need More Info Crash after clicking new game

    I was having issues with crashing after the splash art(?) where the hammer is hitting the sword on the anvil for taleworlds, that issue was fixed, HOWEVER now I get to the main menu click new game and it crashes, so it isn't much of a fix really, now it just takes a bit more of my time to crash...
  2. Modders need to fix the game

    I really hate to say it but TW its just doing an awful work, i really dont understand their internal organizations or why they havent hired more people with all the money they made from Warband or Bannerlord release, but its none of my business and i dont care at this point. Modders really have...
  3. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    I want to recreate some of the vanilla factions of Bannerlord with vanilla stuff but dont know how to do this, wich files do i have to edit, where are this files and are they at this point of development possible to edit? And are the Warband Modding tutorials still useful or completely outdated?
  4. WB Editer le starterkit de début de partie : possible ou impossible ?

    Bonsoir à la communauté de M&B Warband, :grin: J'ai récemment fait l'acquisition du jeu, et j'en suis ravi. Cependant, par soucis de réalisme, je souhaiterai savoir s'il est possible d'éditer un fichier du jeu, afin de modifier les starterkits qui sont distribués suite à la création d'un perso...
  5. Bug (New): Siege Tower: Units Idle

    Summary: All melee units involved with siege towers stand idle and give each other hugs, giving all bowmen free opportunity to pick people off. How to Reproduce: Any siege using Siege Towers. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  6. Riffraff99

    Gladius Sword into Bannerlord Vanilla

    Hello, the Gladius sword is a legend, the Gladius blade is part of Bannerlord vanilla but not as sword just the blade for smithing. Plz @TW implement the Gladius sword into Bannerlord Vanilla, we have everything for vanilla roman legions except a Gladius sword, so plz implement it :smile:
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