1. SP Native Calradia Unbound: New Lore-based Factions

    Calradia Unbound: The beginnings of a lore-based mod. Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you some creative writing I've done as the bare bones of a new mod. Up front, the ambition is to introduce eight new major factions and cultures to Calradia, and minor changes to existing territories...
  2. Bunduk

    I think this is a hint that Taleworlds will implement more factions in the future!

    When i open the clan tab in "Encyclopedia" i can see new faction like "Vakken" "Nord" "Darshi"! I hope they will add atleast the Nord faction (A real Viking faction like in Warband)! Maybe they will add naval combat aswell and then they will also add a new island where the Nords for example can...
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