1. In Progress Korean bannerlord user can't download 1.1 0 patch

    Excuse me I'm korean ps5 .Is the 1.1.0 patch not uploaded for Korean ps5?Even if you press Update dozens of times, it only says, "The game is the latest version," and when you check it, it's 1.0.3, not 1.1.0. I also want to play 1.1.0, but I've been watching only 1.0.3 for five to six days...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    First I must say, this is for un-modded Beta v1.1.0, although comparisons to previous versions will be made. This is not a bug report as it is too broad to report, it is for discussion. We are all aware that the game is still in development and this is not a point of argument here. I complete...
  3. V1.1.0 ... Gaining levels and skills as for a child game

    First of all, thanks for working on this beautiful game, you are doing a great job, even if a lot of things still to be fixed. Regarding v1.1.0 experience system, I think we are not going along the proper way. Ok, it was kinda difficult gaining levels and skills before, but I was getting in use...
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