1. In Progress Weapon usage doesn't work

    I press x 1h/2h weapon doesn't switch but throwing weapons as javelin etc. switch. I tried both modded and non modded, i also completely uninstalled and installed the game, i wonder what is the problem.
  2. Need More Info Cpu usage for bannerlord always accounts for nearly 100%.

    cpu: i7-8086k gpu: 2080ti Whenever I play bannerlord multiplayer, cpu usage always takes up 100%. The cpu usage of the duel server accounts for 60 to 80%. I can't play multiplayer because I'm nervous... P.S. And how can I move to multiplayer section if I post the wrong article with singleplay...
  3. Need More Info GPU Memory Usage Overload

    Hey folks! Had an issue I wanted to report - on launch day, I was able to run Bannerlord at overall medium settings (with motion blur and film grain removed), for an Estimated GPU Memory Usage of roughly 1800 / 2010 MB. My system was able to handle this smoothly and I ran into no performance...
  4. Need More Info Estimated GPU usage: 2530 MB / 112 MB?

    I am running a new ASUS Tuff gaming laptop. When I look at the video settings and the "estimated GPU usage 2530 MB / 112 MB"???. The laptop has 16 RAM, Geforce GTX 1660 Ti (drivers updated today), AMD Ryzen 5 3350H w Radeon Vega Mobile GFX............. why is it saying I have 112 MB GPU??? I...
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