1. Characters and siblings spouse isn't getting pregnant

    Ever since the update no one is getting pregnant in campaign. The siblings or the character. I've waited hours in settlements plus traveled with them and nothing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    My suggestions for Bannerlord' future update: They should add more variations to the kingdom destruction, such as minor factions taking over the city(s) or castle(s), as well as kingdom clan members becoming more independent and going rogue against their former kingdom. They should also add the...
  3. Resolved Game crashing, I can not open it

    Hello dear support! I love your game a lot, but since today's update [Hotfix (e.1.5.5 - 31/12/20)] I can't start my game. Before the update, yesterday, I was able to play the game without any problems.However, if I try to start my game now, my game crashes in the loading screen! Below is the...
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