update 1.7.2

  1. Need More Info Terrain textures on the global map not Loading

    Summary: Got This issue after latest update Using 1.8.0 beta and 1.7.2 stable. Once on the global map instead of terrain its water all around. Once go to configs and just save them everything comes normal but its enough to visit town or have a battle (switch trough loading screen) terrain...
  2. FluffyFeather

    Need More Info 1.7.2 Patch update stuttering

    Summary: Playing multiplayer siege/tdm/battle/skirmish stutter every 5-10 seconds for a short period of time. This occurs mainly on siege/tdm where there's a lot of players. By stutter, I mean you can visibly see that you had like 5FPS/sec and come back to normal. It feels pretty consistent, as...
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