1. Xanno

    Resolved Fantom hits

    Summary:All on video and screens below. I attacked guys and he didnt get any damage (on video and srcins you can see that weapon goes throgh his body) Otherwise i got killed by weapon that wasnt touched my character. How to Reproduce: playing this game in multiplayer Scene Name (if related)...
  2. WolfieTheKiwi

    Need More Info Brightness Calibration Screen Unpassable

    Summary: When starting up the game the beginning scene runs fine but as soon as it reaches the Brightness calibration scene, everything freezes. I can move my mouse, but I can't move the scrolls, or click either of the cancel/accept buttons. I can't even use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut down the...
  3. Lots of Lag During Gameplay

    While playing SP, frequently the game becomes unresponsive, then fine for a bit, and the cycle continues. I've tried playing on lowest settings but the same issue persisted. I am having it hard to believe that it is hardware related, and just want confirmation on whether it is a bug or an...
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