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  1. Resolved Khuzait Darkhan nearest LOD model is bugged + Issues with Town markers

    Here is an image of the Darkhan issue. When in battle it only occurred when nearby one of them, so I assume the issue is with just the nearest LOD model, rather than them all: http://prntscr.com/s0tenn Also, if you have a town, etc. marked with the circle, sometimes when you zoom in and out...
  2. Cataphracts both elite and non elite use imperial lance, not cataphracts Lance , or cataphract mace

    So the elite and non elite version of the empire cataphract horses units use imperial Lance and a sword not sure which one but same one. I think if this was changed so at the very least the elite version should use a cataphract Lance and probably the cataphract mace as secondary , maybe non...
  3. Boop

    Why is the Imperial Legionary's polearm a downgrade?

    One of the things that irks me the most about the imperial troop line is how upgrading an Imperial Veteran Infantryman to a Legionary cuts their polearm's length by about half. Veteran infantrymen on the left, legionary on the right: This makes no sense. By upgrading a unit...
  4. Finnvid

    Need More Info Hero stuck

    A hero from my party is stuck on mountains without being able to move. What kind of bug is this? Is there any way to correct it?
  5. Imperial unit names, "sergeant"

    Hey, just a thought on the names of Imperial units, particularly the final tier of crossbowman. I feel that calling a unit Imperial Sergeant Crossbowman is wrong for a distinctly Late/Eastern Roman faction. A sergeant in a historical context refers to a distinctly feudal class of small-holder...
  6. F4z0R

    Troop Trees / Units

    -Camels/ elephants additionally to horses for southern factions (Aserai, Southern Empire...) -Creating a custom troop tree for the kingdom created by the player (limited by gold for high tier troops to not make them overpowered) -The option to create a prisoner/slave army and let them fight for...
  7. Resolved [Bug] Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen are handled as Infantry

    Hi, just want to report that the Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen are handled as infantry, although they are correctly depicted as archers in their unit symbol. It enoys me quite a bit that I have to mark them as archers again every time, I recruit new ones when I have leveled all of them to a higher tier.
  8. Need More Info Khuzait Darkhan troop icon glitch in town garrison

    Summary: In town garrison screen, Khuzait Darkhans have a glitched troop icon How to Reproduce: Place Khuzait Darkhan(s) in town garrison Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Vostrum Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro 1909 Build 18363.752 GPU...
  9. Vatsug

    Permanent Control Groups for Units

    Permanent Control Groups for Units - why it's needed! - Loading a save resets control groups. If you set peasants to Group 5, they will return to G1 after loading / being wiped out and freshly recruited. This is tedious. (Why don't you just not save-scum? It would still be painful spending...
  10. Need More Info misconfigured unit

    At the tournament, I noticed in the fight with Imperial Elite Menavliation that he does very little damage. damage to him is dealt at levels 2-5, but after hitting, he immediately attacks without being able to block the attack with a damag at the level of about 20 in combat with other units, the...
  11. Group unit organisation

    Hello, i report a little problem, when i reload a save the game reset the number of my unit group For example, i want archer in group 2, and when im reloading the game reset to group 1, and i need again to set group unit I hope you can quickly solved this problem Thank you :)
  12. WouLinX

    Resolved Kuzait Ağır Kargıcısı Statları Hatalı

    Ansiklopediyi kurcalarken birliklere bakıyordum ve resimdeki gibi Kuzait ağır kargıcısının statlarını gördüm. Oyun içinde de statları bu şekilde mi bilmiyorum ama ansiklopedide gösterdiğine göre büyük ihtimal öyle olabilir.
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