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  1. The Kingdom of Calradoi

    The Kingdom of Calradoi

    The Kingdom of Calradoi ,Old players since (2013) it is Mount & Blade II:Bannerlord Clan. The Union of Calradia with the oldguards aimin high and lookin foward to have fun in this community.Givin people to spend their time in well designed community. Disclaimer: Avatars & Banners were...
  2. The Duchy of Dunlar

    The Duchy of Dunlar

    Overview: We intend to attend large shieldbattle-type events for the pure joy of doing so, it is unlikely we will become competitively involved as a community, however it is possible we will split off detachments of our more serious members in order to compete in tournaments and such. Steam...
  3. The Union of Calradia [Community Clan Union]

    The Union of Calradia [Community Clan Union]

    About The Union of Calradia Union, is a Community of Bannerlord , international and country focused clans to be part of the community. The idea has created by old Mount&Blade player Lucon , and with the supports of the Brunwick and Farts community became a reality. Establishment date...
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