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  1. Who would like to have a Siege ''load out'' similar to civilan load out ?

    I've been switching item for siege recently and realised the tech is here for a dedicated load out. Am I de only one who would like that ? I use a much lighter armor when i'm on the field (I'm a footman and speed is key) and i dont carry as many bolt instead i carry a pole weapon to deal with...
  2. niekdegrijze

    Siege engines in reserve (automaticly)

    If I decide to destroy the walls. I need to build 4 siege engines, keep them in reserve and deploy them in one go or they get destroyed. To do this I have to manually stop the time if one is complete, put it in reserve en restart the time. You have to this with every engine. If you are too...
  3. Bannerman Man

    Prisoner Lock Mechanic for Ransom All

    Players often have one or more stacks of prisoners they would rather recruit than ransom. This effectively makes the "Ransom your prisoners" shortcut button in the tavern menu useless, because pressing it will also sell the prisoners you wish to keep. Having a way to lock the prisoner troop...
  4. Bunduk

    1.5.6 - Please bring back the old "Face enemy order"

    In the new patch 1.5.6 i miss the old "Face enemy order where u can select mutiple times the direction! I think the old UI was perfect for the "face enemy" order!
  5. Bannerman Man

    A "Travel To" button on pinned settlement nameplates

    When initiating travel to a distant off-screen settlement, the player must pan the screen over to the settlement to click on it. Once you've clicked, the screen then takes time to pan all the way back to the location of the player's party. Depending on the level of zoom the player is using, this...
  6. Bannerman Man

    Daily wages broken down by tier in the tooltip

    It would be nice for the troop wages to be broken down by tier in the Daily Wages tooltip, like so: I think this would help people understand just how much their highest troop tiers are costing them, in order to help them budget their upgrades better, rather than upgrading troops just because...
  7. See character skills on the inventory and shop

    Usually when I get a new companion the first thing I want to do is buy better gear for them. But when I get in the shop, I remember I don't know what the character stats are. So I have to go out of the shop/inventory and go to the character screen to see their skills. As the tittle hinted, my...
  8. Bannerman Man

    [Perk Suggestion] Add a perk that grants the ability to see how many troops are available in each settlement (Picture)

    I think the ability for the player to see how many recruits are available for hire in each settlement from a distance would make a great perk effect. Currently, there is a risk to the player that a distant settlement won't have any recruits available when the player reaches it, making the trip a...
  9. Lesbosisles

    [Suggestion] Different loadout presets

    So, I don't know about you, fellas, but personally I never use spears during siege battles - they are simply useless there, I prefer to use bow or a crossbow. But with the 4 items only restriction it is impossible to equip, say, a sword, a shield, a spear, a bow and arrows - there will be no...
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