typos and mismatches

  1. Lord_Greatbrow

    Resolved Typo (Village Needs Draught Animals)

    Summary: There's a typo in the villagers need cows quest description page. The word Cows is misspelled. How to Reproduce: It's not reproducing it, it's Getting rid of it is the trick Scene Name (if related): Village Needs Draught Animals Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows...
  2. SomeWeirdSins

    Resolved 1.57 Aserai veteran infantry have incorrect throwing value

    Aserai Veteran infantry have 50 throwing (40 on tier 3 unit in tree, 60 on tier 4 unit in tree). I assume that this unit is meant to be a skirmishing infantry with 80+ throwing. Current value is 50. Mods on: formation spawn fix, no death, level 1 companions
  3. In Progress Typo: "change" should be "chance"

    Latest stable version e1.4.3 Polearm skill tree: Braced "Increase your change to dismount..." should be "Increase your chance to dismount..."
  4. Meedean

    Need More Info Phycaon Backstreet and Waterfront Visual Trackers Inversely Named

    Phycaon's Backstreet and Waterfront Visual Trackers are reversed. Backstreet is listed as Waterfront: Waterfront is listed as Backstreet:
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