1. Lord_Greatbrow

    Resolved Typo (Village Needs Draught Animals)

    Summary: There's a typo in the villagers need cows quest description page. The word Cows is misspelled. How to Reproduce: It's not reproducing it, it's Getting rid of it is the trick Scene Name (if related): Village Needs Draught Animals Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows...
  2. In Progress Typo: "change" should be "chance"

    Latest stable version e1.4.3 Polearm skill tree: Braced "Increase your change to dismount..." should be "Increase your chance to dismount..."
  3. Quanta

    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    This thread is for keeping track of typos and dialog errors in the game. I will edit this post as new typos are reported so the mods/devs have only one place to look in order to find and fix them. Please be as specific as you can regarding where the typos are, what they are, and what you think...
  4. Resolved Minor Spelling Error

    Upon seizing a castle, I received a message saying that '(Hero name) of (My Clan Name) was relased from captivity.' Thanks for working so hard to polish the game!
  5. The North Wind

    Resolved Typo in the description for Sturgians

    1. If the word 'that' is to be inserted in the highlighted position, then this is an incomplete sentence and would need to be finished off with an additional word at the end of the sentence, such as: Alternatively, the word 'that' could be removed. 2. The word 'opportunities' has been spelt...
  6. Need More Info Dialogue not implemented: "Default Intro for Famous Player" appearing

    This has occurred a few times, but as a relatively new character (Renown 43) I've seen this pop up with a number of NPCs. I'm guessing I don't need to post my computer's specs but if you want the info let me know.
  7. Unresolved Riding: Sharpshooter has typo (%15)

    The description of Sharpshooter (Riding skill) says "Accuracy improved by %15 while on horseback". All other traits always put the percent sign after the number, e.g. Mounted Archer (10% less penalty ...), Cavalry (10% less penalty ...), Horse Grooming (... increased by 50%), Trampler (50% to...
  8. Unresolved Small Typo During Daughter Kidnapped Quest

    Version 1.0.6 Small typo during the quest. It reads," Don't let a father's heard be broken." Heard was meant to be heart.
  9. Need More Info (Typo) There are some minor typos in the game

    Policy Typos Kingdom policies Crown Duty and Road Tolls have typos. "payed" should be written "paid". (If you have written "payed" anywhere else please correct the typo) Kingdom policy Citizenship has the description text go over the horizontol bottom line. Kingdom policy Royal Guard has an...
  10. kay_man

    Broken Heard

    After years of waiting don't let this gamer's heard be broken! :grin: Also seeing some of the horses' HP bar bleeding past the UI mask...
  11. Need More Info Typo, not a bug

    Not really a bug but I noticed the word "produce" was misspelled when I was buying my first buisness, which was a Smith.
  12. Menthus

    Need More Info Obron The Brewer - Quest Typo

    When in town, select him, and hover your mouse over his quest indicator. The text field will show 'his' instead of 'him', as can be seen below. -What to select -The typo
  13. Minor typo in skills

    Good Morning, encountered this little typo in the skills area when hovering over the focus points.
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