1. Resolved Battanian Fian Champion Weapons

    He have skills: One Handed:90 Two Handed:220 Encyklopedia info Weapons: Bow +2xArrows + Sword Sword name:Highland Fine "Two Handed" Sword Type:One Handed Sword Is his weapon one-handed or two-handed? https://prnt.sc/1tqankr https://prnt.sc/1tqaljr
  2. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    Just want to ask if anyone has the same experience as me. I've experienced AI Lords have 90% recruit in the mid-game even with everything set on very hard (bannerlord except recruitment difficulty, I am too lazy to play the quest lol). It is kinda boring to fight recruits over and over again. I...
  3. Troop Type organization, missing icons and Troop Tree UX enhancements

    This Suggestion is borne from my recent dabbling in modding to add Cav into the Empire as well as properly assigning units into their sub-types (Skirmishers, Light Cav, Heavy Cav, Heavy Inf). I mention that only because I would not have seen it otherwise. These three suggestions in the title are...
  4. "Small" recruitment and economy changes

    Hi! I saw many discussions regarding equipment prices and recruitment costs for troops. I always found it funny that you could get a bucng of high level, very well equiped troops with a few thounds dennars while for the same amount of money you couldn't get any decent equipment for the heroes(I...
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