#troop tree

  1. Thrangor88

    When will the mercenary unit tree be revised or improve their presence in the taverns?

    I like to hire a lot of tavern mercenaries, but I find the units a bit weak and poorly equipped. Base unit is tier 2, but does not have a shield like tier 2 faction units. Why? It would be necessary to have a variant with an Arc. As well as increase the probability of meeting with tier 2 or use...
  2. Troop Type organization, missing icons and Troop Tree UX enhancements

    This Suggestion is borne from my recent dabbling in modding to add Cav into the Empire as well as properly assigning units into their sub-types (Skirmishers, Light Cav, Heavy Cav, Heavy Inf). I mention that only because I would not have seen it otherwise. These three suggestions in the title are...
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