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  1. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding Exclude units in troop tree from kingdoms (not cultures)

    Is there a way to exclude curtain parts of a troop tree from recruitment by selected kingdoms? or be recruitable only by selected kingdoms? I am thinking about making a mod that adds Auxiliaries to the empire faction, but I do not want other kingdoms to recruit these. I also like to add...
  2. Fell

    [ Conquered people are recruited as 'Auxilia' ]

    So, this idea just popped into my mind. You know how inevitably a faction will mostly conquer another? Well, what if territories that are conquered by a different culture, have converted troops to that culture. Example: Vlandia takes over a bunch of Battanian villages, and troops then...
  3. Gustafssonz

    Resolved 1.5.8 Missing Texture/graphics in recruitment-window.

    There is many issues regarding texture that is missing, shadow, "blured" texture, wrong color etc.
  4. Fief owner's permission for larger recruitment and/or trade rights

    This has been bugging me a bit for a while. Considering how valuable manpower is in Calradia's settings (and we certainly can see how valuable recruits can get when enough AI lords start visiting the villages emptying the recruitment queues!), why is the player free to fleece every village out...
  5. Need More Info My companions don't recruit men

    my companions don't recruit men when I create a party with them, they just run around alone until they get captured. I have created my own anti-imperial kingdom, but don't have any fiefs anymore if that has anything to do with it.
  6. Amen

    Parties in my clan get to many troops

    Summary: Parties in my clan get too many troops. So i have many message about their escape from my parties. How to Reproduce: Just make party and wait some time or i think they are just recruit some men from battles (enemy prisoners) and create this bug. Media: Version: 1.0.9 Computer Specs...
  7. Village notables aren't co-operative.

    I have -100 relationship with a lot of them because I executed a lot of lords while they were a part of that lord's faction. I'm now their lord. However they won't allow me to take any quests so I can't raise my relationship with them again, ironically due to having a low relationship. There...
  8. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Suggestion for a Recruitment Overhaul

    The Suggestion: Splitting the troop trees more into lines of roles. I do like the fact that recruiting troops require good relations with a community leader. I have not played enough but I think the renown does affect it too like in warband? I also like the Idea of the split troupe trees but I...
  9. Strela1408

    Are there any recruiters in the game?

    I formed my own faction, went to the castle, but found no recruiters. Of course, it is very interesting to go to the villages and recruit farmers, but I think this function is very lacking.... Like the armor....
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