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  1. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    SP - General Region-specific units [Suggestion]

    Pretty self-explanatory suggestion, really, so allow me to present some examples as to which kingdom would have which units / nationalities / minor cultures and where. Since we don't get much lore on other smaller cultures present in Calradia, most of these suggestions will be based on what we...
  2. Rayge

    B Dark Ages Valkyrja - Tier6 Infantry and Sturgia Troop Rework I didn't think it made sense that their wasn't any T6 Infantry in the game, so I decided to add it. I thought that with so many female warriors among the nobility of Sturgia surely there should be more among the commoners. I...
  3. Boop

    Why is the Imperial Legionary's polearm a downgrade?

    One of the things that irks me the most about the imperial troop line is how upgrading an Imperial Veteran Infantryman to a Legionary cuts their polearm's length by about half. Veteran infantrymen on the left, legionary on the right: This makes no sense. By upgrading a unit...
  4. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestion for a Recruitment Overhaul

    The Suggestion: Splitting the troop trees more into lines of roles. I do like the fact that recruiting troops require good relations with a community leader. I have not played enough but I think the renown does affect it too like in warband? I also like the Idea of the split troupe trees but I...
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