1. Flower_Child

    Need More Info Translation Mods

    Hi, i am one of the German Fan-Translation Mod devs Since public 1.5.8 and beta 1.5.9 our Mod doesnt work anymore. Did something change how the language files are loaded?
  2. buz

    In Progress e1.5.7 Turkish Translation Errors

  3. Bannewbie

    Can you change Default Korean Font?

    Korean bannerlord users have used User-created Korean mode until 1.5.6 version. However, the mode doesn't work in 1.5.7 version. I try to solve this problem and find default Korean font file - UnDotumKR - in Fonts folder. As the size of the font can't show some Korean word like '듈', I wonder...
  4. Bannewbie

    Resolved Translated words don't be shown

    I've adjusted unofficial Korean translation file. As 1.5.7 version updated, I added and arrange some words in xml files like offered xml files in 'Languages' folders (title : std_ ~~). However, some words and sentences still remain in English. I think taleworlds already know about this...
  5. OliverWu

    Discussion about Community Contribution to Modding Kit and Documentation

    Hi Taleworlds, Thanks for your work on Modding Kit and Documentation, I (as a team member of YiGu Studio, who are working on MB2 ThreeKingdoms Mod now), want to contribute to make our Modding Tools better! AFAIK, the texts/strings in Modding Kit are hardcoded, which makes localization very...
  6. Resolved In each update of the game, the translation ends up being annoying.

    In each update of the game, the translation ends up being annoying. Certain sentences that were well translated, are back in English.
  7. Please help me TW.

    Before we begin, I'm sorry if my English were bad. I'm not fluent in English. @Callum Hello, I'm trying to translate names of Aserai culture, such as person's and place's and minor faction's, into my language, Korean. But I cannot translate them correctly if I don't know what do they look like...
  8. bigbalzzz

    Aseria {names translated to english} ((easter eggs))

    lords and clans Unqid: means the stubborn one Tais: means female goat LOL (Gais however was one of the most famous poets-lovers) Thamza: has no meaning should be (Hamza) Nuqar: the denier Haqan: the righteous( he is cruel and cheap in game LOL) Usair: the worse(better than haqan tho LOL) Adram...
  9. Honger

    Fixing font in Bannerlord?

    So I'm working on a translation mod for this game and I encountered following issue during the process: in Galahad font the space "after" Polish letters like ś, ć, ą, etc is much bigger than for different letters. I don't really know how to work on the .fnt file, opened in Notepad++ it shows a...
  10. Crowdsourcing official localization?

    In my time as a volunteer translator with several major platforms, especially Early Access games on Steam, I've seen how open translation works out given different kind of games, ie. Minecraft's very simplistic nature to more narrative-based games requiring entire scripts to be translated, and...
  11. GreenLight7

    Poll to bring attention on dialect

    In many games now creators put "science" termins(scientific termins,words) instead of normal(simple,without surplus) words,this is poll,you can vote-you want some linguistica from crazy scientist theories(Like your Big Grandfather was MONKEY)?you can go to fantasy games.This game,as all see,have...
  12. oiocha

    BL Coding Will there be a MOD translation tool in the future?

    Hello I am from a multi-byte country (japan). I want to translate a posted MOD such as Nexus, but I don't have the ability to create a dll decompile tool. Will there be any translation tools or technologies that can output and import xml in the future? Desirable like Skyrim's xTranslator :)...
  13. GreenLight7

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    I noticed that in game you used word evolution but right is DEVELOPMENT. Evolution is a theory that is dumb itself and have false base,on the sand constructed.if Someone wants to prove that God is not exist,he must first 1.Prove that God not try man by showing him not right provement. in second...
  14. Honger

    Unresolved Too much space between some diacritical symbols

    So after working on a translation I noticed that many Polish diacritical symbols (ś,ć,ź etc.) have too much empty space either after, or before them. I don't know what's the cause as there are no "physical" spaces made in XML files by me, so I guess it's something about mapping the letters. Does...
  15. Unresolved Arabic translation

    Hello, We are planning to translate the game to Arabic, but we face a problem that the fonts used in the game don't support Arabic letters, and we need fonts that support Arabic language, so we can translate the game and enjoy it in Arabic.
  16. Unresolved We urgently need Brazilian Portuguese translations (And other countries too)

    Good morning everyone ! I have come through since making my protest to the game developer that after this stupendous launch and the great development work, still lacks accessibility to the game, I bought all the games in the M&B franchise and as a fan (and consumer) myself I feel underestimated...
  17. Nerdie

    BL Projet de Traduction Française du Jeu

    Salut à tous! Nous vous proposons aujourd'hui notre projet de traduction française de Bannerlord. Nous savons que des projets ont déjà été lancés : que ce soit Daneel ou le Crowdin. Nous venons de ce dernier mais nous avons eu un différend artistique sur le mobile final de notre traduction. En...
  18. Équipe de Traducteurs Battanois

    Équipe de Traducteurs Battanois

    N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre afin de nous aider à traduire le jeu, contactez-nous: - Nerdie sur Taleworlds - Yannmear#9511 sur discord. - Ace Of Clover sur Taleworlds - RKR_UKD_Ace#0793 sur discord.
  19. _Mauri

    BL Other How to edit language files?

    Hi, i want to edit language files in Bannerlord, maybe publishing as mod later idk, but i dont know how.
  20. mikeboix

    How to translate language files

    Posting this question here too since maybe the technical support subforum was not the best place. Me and my team mates have been trying to work on a spanish translation for the game... with no luck until now. Our best guess is that we should modify the xml files that are located in the...
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