1. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Traits are bugged and dont work at all.

    I'm playing version 1.5.5 I started out with 3 good traits, done nothing wrong just chasing looters and helping villages. All of a sudden all My traits are gone without any reason. The same goes for companions. Their traits vanishes also, while NPC lords have no issues with them. For testing...
  2. Monkey

    Do "mounted" non-cavalry troops benefit from Khuzait cultural +10% party speed trait?

    Khuzait cultural trait gives them "10% extra speed bonus for horsemen on campaign map". The game tells us that non-calvary troops (infantry and archers, for example) will "mount" spare horses (if I have enough in my inventory) in order to increase their party speed. Has anybody tested whether in...
  3. Traits

    I keep losing them for unrelated reasons. What's the deal? Example: I lost my Honest (Honor 1) trait after helping a villager get grain. I'm pretty sure that's not dishonorable.
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