1. kreamy

    SP - UI Finances Screen, As Own Screen Like Party, Inventory etc. (TL DR Added Jan. 23)

    Hi, I strongly believe a finance screen would help the player make better decisions about managing his clan, fiefs & holdings. TL : DR (please post +1 if you want this feature) CURRENT PROBLEM The player lacks clear time-relative information about his spending and income - since these both...
  2. TimIZ

    In Progress [1.5.5] Item prices don`t reflect item modifiers

    I One of many, many examples where the item with worse modifier has the higher price. This doesn`t make much sense and is quite annoying when you want to keep the good stuff and have to look super careful to not sell the item with better modifiers. Btw. the helmet with 18 head armor is the...
  3. In Progress Trade Skill and stash in town

    Summary: It is possible to deposit items in the stash and gain trade skill points by doing so. How to Reproduce: Owning a city, deposit items in the stash. Checking the experience in that skill before and afterwards reveals additional points in the skill.
  4. SP - General Trade agreements (routes, goods, etc)

    I remember playing a mod once on WB that included this type of option in diplomacy, also helped create alliance, non-agression, trades (increase traffic in caravans) and much more. I believe that a well estabilished diplomacy this could work greatly. As well, it would go along with roads The...
  5. Lornloth00

    SP - Economy Barter in Castles.

    Please allow us to barter in keeps and castles. Its hard to find characters as it is but if you can only barter on the world map then its very hard to locate someone it would be easier if we can barter in keeps so we can check the encyclopedia for their location go there and barter. Trying to...
  6. niekdegrijze

    Best trade perks? Workshop or Caravan

    I am doing a dedicated trader playthrough this time and I am wondering which perks work best. BTW not a fan of the mandatory choice between two perks. Apraisser vs Whole Seller: Appraiser 15% decrease in sell price penalty for equipments. Your profits are marked. Whole Seller 15% decrease in...
  7. LuProHD

    How to get the Viking looking Engraved Backsword?

    I saw the weapon in this video: I wonder how to get it!
  8. Not enough variety in companions

    Is anyone else experiencing that often there are too few, or even none at all, companions with trade skill or smithing skill? (Even if the latter is really easy to train yourself) Besides a shortage of certain types of companions I also notice that most companions tend to be completely lopsided...
  9. Very good suggestion

    I have this idea in mind that you know that the only purpose of the game is to fight. But there are side activities in the style of trading blacksmithing. Here's the thing in my mind, let users fight other caravan manufacturers after they reach a certain level of trade. Whether it's war with...
  10. Resolved Children show up in the inventory dropdown menu

    Summary: After completing the main quest "Rescue Your Family" your children will show up in the inventory dropdown even if they aren't in your party. How to Reproduce: Complete "Rescue Your Family" and open the dropdown menu for selecting heroes. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  11. Trade Skill XP not increasing

    Hi, I checked the forums and did not see that this had been reported already, nor did I find patch notes which changes the Trade Skill mechanics - so apologies if I missed it. In the e1.4.0 Patch Notes it states: Players now gain trade XP correctly after Save & Load. I am now using the e1.5.2...
  12. Reliable trade rumors

    Please make the rumors more reliable! Otherwise it's just luck wether you actually make a profit in the rumored town. I'm not saying there should'nt be some luck involved and also you should have to hurry to profit, but currently I can't see hold a rumor is, or how long it stays relevant. It's...
  13. Sgtskywalk

    Resolved Crash when opening Inventory or Trade menu

    ***FIXED, SEE BELOW*** Have been experiencing this issue for the past 2 days. Never encountered it before. It started happening a few days after installing e1.4.3, but not right away. All my save files and playthroughs are now affected, mods or no mods, fresh game or old. No hardware changes...
  14. almost no income from workshops and caravans

    after the new update my workshops that normally make 200 and more now make 50 and less. Same with caravans instead of making more then 1000 they make 200 or nothing. I cant afford an army of 50. Fix this pls.
  15. In Progress [BUG] The confirmation window is hidden by trade list when closing trade

    I checked the posts on trade and trade window. I did not find any report on this bug. I'm playing the latest stable version e1.4.1.232571. The problem happens after I make a big sale or purchase at the trade window. A trade list appears when my mouse hovers over the "Done" button. When I...
  16. Caravans are utterly broken in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

    This is basically a bug report/PSA to anyone who hasn't already reverted their game to 1.4.0, do NOT create caravans right now in the current build of the game(1.4.1) or the beta build(1.4.2). They are utterly broken, here's how: - Caravans will rarely, if ever, make you any money at all, and...
  17. Resolved [1.4.0] Open stash trade skill up

    Hi, Open stash in my town give me trade skill up, when I throw large amounts of goods into it. Win 10 i5-4690k 16gb ram 1600 rx 580 8gb ssd disk
  18. Bannerman Man

    SP - Economy [Suggestion] Add a simple conditional statement for towns that have fallen below 1000 prosperity.

    (The suggestion is at the bottom if you want to skip the context) Context: Beta 1.4.1 has uncovered some large flaws in the way prosperity is handled at very low values. The extreme warfare has driven some towns down to or close to 0 prosperity due to constant sieging and raiding. Here are...
  19. SP - Economy Economic Idea: Production Camps

    Ever been super frustrated that you need a certain type of good or notice that a certain type of good is scarce and want to profit by providing it? What if... you could? Imagine that in addition to caravans and workshops, you could make a camp on the world map which could produce your choice...
  20. SP - General Can we slow down?

    First let me say awesome patch with 1.41. Really brought a lot to the game in a short amount of time. My only suggestion for this game is to slow down with the constant wars. Battles are great. Figuring out how to beat someone when your kingdom is the underdog is great. But there should be some...
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