1. 9281960088

    Encrypt tpac

    Hello eyeryone, Many people steal my models and sell them, Does anyone know how to encrypt tpac using C#? Thanks!
  2. [Help] Material Not Showing Up in Game or Editor Icon, But Shows Up In Editor Preview Window

    I was trying to rename a mesh. I exported using Tpac tool, imported into Blender, renamed it and exported it as FBX. But when I imported the FBX into Bannerlord Editor theres nothing in the icon, nor is there anything in the game. As if the mesh is transparent. I have specified the material of...
  3. Need More Info Resource Browser TPAC Generation Error for Module Names ending in "Assets"

    Summary: If the name of the module ends with the string "Assets", .tpac files generated in this module will have incorrect paths pointing to the AssetSource. How to Reproduce: Create a module with a modules name ending with "Assets". Using the editor's Resource Browser, import an asset into the...
  4. NicoleUK

    How to add retextures / custom textures

    Hey... Im wanting to add some simple retextures to Bannerlord. Add some some different patterns to tunics, make a silver armour gold, change underwear colour.... nothing crazy. I can open and view the texture and export it and edit it in gimp no issues and export it as any file i need (png...
  5. NicoleUK

    How to add retextures?

    Hello Im wanting to add some retextures for things in bannerlord (just simple stuff like change underwear colour, add different patterns for tunics, etc). Im able to open and view the textures and export them and then edit them in gimp. But i cant figure out how to replace the texture in the...
  6. TPAC files cannot be updated

    When I import FBX file and PNG texture maps in to the Resource Browser, below the screen I receive a message " External .tpacfile modification detected. TPAC files cannot be updated outside the editor. Please restart the game" . What am i doing wrong? Before, when I imported assets didn't have...
  7. szszss

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.4.0]

    Hey there. It's been a month since the early access of Bannerlord was released, and its modding community has grown a lot. However there is still no way to manipulate the game assets, so I made a tool to open the asset packages, i.e. tpac files. Although its name contains "Tool", it still lacks...
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