1. Homer Griffin

    Not enough defenders in castles/towns

    After playing for a while now, I'm starting to sense a nasty pattern with sieges. Out of all the sieges I've been in, I have seen only one town with 300 defenders, and every other time its only been around 100-150. This is usually because that is how many defenders spawn in a town after its been...
  2. Prosperity obliterating food reserves

    The more my settlement's prosperity rises, the higher the food consumption. Every day that my prosperity rises, the toll on my food gets even larger. I am not sure if this is a bug or some sort of feature, but every town or castle I have attacked has 0 food reserves and I imagine the other...
  3. Interact with NPC portrait instead of walking in the city

    Thank you guys, this game is already amazing ! I have a suggestion, can we add a feature to talk with NPC (town NPC) without having to walk in the street ? Sometimes, I just want to check a quest detail / dialogue, and I don't want to loose 30 sec to load, walk, talk, load again. Thx you :)
  4. Need More Info Black Squares over Troops

    Bug Description: Black squares suddenly appeared and then persisted over all troops in a town battle against deserters How To Reproduce The Bug: *Only seen once, reproduction not confirmed* Accept a deserter extortion mission and wait for deserters to arrive. In battle with deserters, attempt...
  5. Neelus

    Changing Fief's Culture

    Heya Fellas, Is it possible to change the culture of your fief? I own Charas and Usanc Castle, Sadly i am battanian culture. Thanks in advance!
  6. Resolved Paying off Enemy General, enemy general endlessly follows you, particpated in enemy seige, cannot do anything

    Like the Title. I paid off an Enemy General not to attack me, 54 vs 115 This General proceeded to follow me around aimlessly, it seems like he wanted to attack but as soon as he was on top of me he backed off. I made my way to a near by town that's under siege. I broke in into the defense side...
  7. kriegsmeister

    Resolved Crash when trying to walk around a city

    When entering a town to complete a lord's quest to find a spy on said town the game crashes on the loading screen, I even tried to get into the tavern and then get out of it trough the door but the same crashes occur, the auto-report system is also not working for some reason, cheers!
  8. victisvincimus

    BL Other Changing Town To Custom Culture?

    I'm having trouble changing an individual town (and associated castle) to a custom culture. Every time I try it the game crashes. I've essentially just copied the Empire culture in SPcultures and given it a different name/id, and slapped that onto a town (and castle) in Settlements. Am I missing...
  9. JohnVicres

    HOW TO SET RECRUITS TO OWNING FACTION'S CULTURE - Viking Conquest Reforged 2.054

    This forces recruits from villages and towns, for both the player and npc lords, to be the faction's troops. AKA if you're part of Northvegr and conquer Scuin (whose culture is goidelic), the recruits you get from Scuin and it's villages will be NORDIC, not goidelic. Because I wanna be a viking...
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