1. Bannerman Man

    [Perk Suggestion] Add a perk that grants the ability to see how many troops are available in each settlement (Picture)

    I think the ability for the player to see how many recruits are available for hire in each settlement from a distance would make a great perk effect. Currently, there is a risk to the player that a distant settlement won't have any recruits available when the player reaches it, making the trip a...
  2. Need More Info Arena Tooltip Graphical Error

    Hello, have the new beta branch. Saw the tooltip you added for the items won in tournament. It has info I do not believe you wanted there.
  3. SirDragdord

    Need More Info Missing tooltips in siege UI

    There is 2 missing tooltips under icons of remaining food in castle and morale of defenders. Screenshots: Version: e1.0.9 How to reproduce: start siege and place cursor over this 2 icons Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GeForce GTX 950 CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K RAM: 8192 MB Ram Storage...
  4. Unresolved Learning rate modifier tooltip instead shows the learning limit bonuses

    When hovering over your learning rate stat, it shows really high bonuses from skill focus and your attribute. Those are the bonuses to the learning limit, however, not the learning rate. See these images: This seems to show that I should be getting x190 or so learning rate (which would be...
  5. kreamy

    Mark Your Average Purchase Price (Of the item in your current inventory, Trading)

    Simple & Straightforward. Also, this purchase price should appear in the same window as the avg. sale price, at the top, you would have the avg. cost you payed for that item in your inventory (if purchased). If you are going to sink SP in & get to track the avg. sale price of an item, you...
  6. Need More Info Various minor bugs

    1: tooltips Not sure if it is just the tooltip but for e.g. the Imperial Sergeant Crossman has the same crossbow bow skill as the Imperial Palatine Guard, so they seem to be bad at crossbows but are better at bows? 2: tooltip Seems like no difference between Imperial Elite Menavliaton and the...
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