1. Short_n_quick

    Would you use XML modification tool with GUI?

    Hi, I am thinking about creating program that would be a tool simplifying mod creation for non-coders, so that there would be lower entry level for small mod creation for BL and help developing other mods that would introduce a lot of new entities to the game, by enabling for bulk changes...
  2. Modding tool to create new quests?

    the thing is ever sense the game came out and heard that there will be a modding tool for the game, I have been waiting for a tool to create or even modified quest for the game. I mean, no offence, I like the idea of been able to make cool looking castles and towns maps, but what would be the...
  3. Kazet

    SP Other Troop Designer (character design utility)

    Hello, Troop Designer is an utility aiming to help modders to design units for their own mods. How it works is that you can design your unit in a fake inventory screen, then output its XML structure in a file. => Troop Designer mod on Nexus Mods <=
  4. Aragas

    [Tool] Localization Parser

    This tool allows to extract every hardcoded localization string (e.g. `{=TauRjAud}{NAME} of the {FACTION}`) from the game's libraries or from a module's libraries to a .csv file. Link to the GitHub repository. Using as a dotnet Tool Installation 1. Install the latest .NET 5.0 Runtime. 2. Run...
  5. DrunkenFrenchman

    [Tool] Main Hero Inventory XML Print

    So everyone who has worked with Bannerlord's XMLs knows that one of the longest things involved in making new troops is making the various equipment sets for them. I got tired of doing it by hand so I made a tool which will print it nice and tidy to an xml in the correct format, ready to copy...
  6. Items Patch Generator

    I ran into issues as soon as I started using multiple mods that attempted to change the same items. Some brief investigation indicated that items aren't merged when loaded, so even if mods try to change different properties of an item, they cannot co-exist. I have written a small tool that...
  7. KnowsCount

    A New Form of Modding – Smart Module

    My GitHub is here, however it is in Chinese...: scottish-fold; and this is a mod being made based on the very tool: just go to this Prosperous Empire which I finished translation today and it is much better than the 80% machine translation below... Do not go into the scottish-fold one tho 'cos...
  8. tansvanio

    Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord

    Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord is a little tool I have made that other modders who are working with the user interface might find interesting. Essentially this is a fork of the original Sprite Sheet Packer made by Nick Gravelyn and turned into a tool for Mount & Blade Bannerlord modding...
  9. kalarhan

    [BL][Tool] Banner Creator - Web Tool

    Disclaimer: it is not my tool. Just posting here for visibility (I will delete this if the creator shows up in the forum) Tool link: Sub-reddit for sharing banners: Online/web tool for creating your banner. You can...
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