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  1. Resolved Eliminate Northern, Southern and Western Empire quests instantly time out.

    Summary: As soon as I complete the Weaken Empire quest part of the main quest, the three next quest, which are to eliminate the Northern, Southern and Western empires, are accepted and then automatically time out, making it impossible for me to ever complete them. How to Reproduce: As far as I...
  2. CeyXiong

    Please bring timeout system

    Sometimes we get phone calls in the middle of game. So if we leave from game or stay afk we might loose the match. So if devs. bring a timeout system thats would be useful. Thank you for interest... :)
  3. DukeDunac

    Need More Info Quests give negative time to complete, fail instantly

    Summary: I've been trying to increase my standing with people so I can recruit units at their villages. I started as a Vlandian with high social ability, went from the training field to Vlandia, then from Vlandia to the Khuzait. I'm now going from village to village accepting quests, and all of...
  4. Need More Info Immediate Timeout - Army of Poachers Quest

    After having accepted the Army of Poachers quest from Urios the Tanner in Myzea, he directed me to proceed to Vealos at midnight to deal with the poachers he had hired there. However, once having exited the town of Myzea in order to head to Vealos, I immediately received a notification that...
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