1. Lornloth00

    Highest Tier Unit speaks to player as leader of a generic hostile party

    I have noticed this from the beginning of EA that whenever I have encountered a party of generic enemies the lowest tier unit is the one speaking to the player instead of the highest tier unit. It seems more proper for the highest tier unit should be the speaker to demonstrate that they are the...
  2. Joe Friday

    Does Quality of Troops Matter in Garrisons or Just Numbers?

    The question is the title. Does the quality of the troops matter in siege simulations or is it solely based off numbers? I would assume it's a combination of both. I try to throw in a good handful of top tier infantry and archers to bolster the militia and mid tiered garrison forces. I often...
  3. five bucks

    Changes required to create Good Tactics™

    Due to multiple factors, Bannerlord's field battle tactics are currently very shallow. There's a clear best tactic: sit your archers on a hill, sit any infantry you might have in front of them stretched in a wide loose formation, and just sit perfectly still and watch the kills roll in. Or...
  4. Is it planned to add higher tier troops to the native game?

    Hey folks, I love Mount and Blade since the first game! But I always find the troop variety too poor within one faction. Of course it is nice to have different cultures and therefore different troops but it's sag that they go only up until tier 6/7 for nobles. The training to get high tier...
  5. Holy Shift

    What If Clan Tier Had an Effect on Available Recruit Slots?

    Maybe +1 slot per 2 or 3 clan tier levels. Or +1 after a certain clan tier per every tier.
  6. Holy Shift

    Aserai Tribesman (Tier 2) Equipments

    First, i'll tell you i never played in Aserai faction. That means both my opinions are little bit from far view and i look objectively. I think Aserai Tribesman spear must replaced with basic one handed sword and javelin or maybe just with one handed sword. My main reason to see this better is...
  7. limier

    [Suggesion] why the troops tier does not match their armors and weapons tier?

    So i decided to create 2 threads about the tier system of Bannerlord, one for the tier system apply to the player and here is the one for the troops. right now the tier of the troops do not match the armor / weapon tier they wear. for example, here is a picture of a Sturgian archer Tier 4 and...
  8. limier

    [Suggesion] the game is base on tier system (clans, troops, armors...) why not the player?

    Bannerlord is based on a tier system (with 6 tiers for each one) : Clan : the clan that have the higher tier have the best chance to be eligible for fief votes + they have more troops. troops : the troops have a tier that go from 1 to 6, the higher is the tier, the stronger is the unit and...
  9. Please give shields to every faction's tier 2 infantry

    Only khuzait, empire, and sturgia get shields for their tier 2 infantry. Aserai tribesmen, vlandian footmen, and battanian clan warriors lack shields until tier 3. Something simple like a horseman's kite shield for vlandian footmen, southern round shield/desert oval shield for tribesmen, and a...
  10. Athenon_FireBlood

    My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    ***This is only my opinion based on my experience with the game. I am not a greater god that knows it all*** (or am I :xf-cool: ) I will start by ranking each unit individually then explain why I put them at say rank. *Ranked from top to bottom in each sections* RANK S -Veteran (Aserai) RANK...
  11. Sauron The Black Knight

    Definitive NA Tier List (No contest/no bias)

    Made by knowledgeable players (myself included) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dxUvsQ4c-XmB7vzxLdlAtxEQkVutCha2etEKEgFIGtE/edit?usp=sharing
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