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thug crash

  1. Need More Info Crashes when fighting thugs in Ostican Backstreet

    Summary:When i fight the thugs in Ostican Backstreet the game crashes every time, ive tried in fullscreen and borderless fullscreen, this issue also happens when trying to start in safe mode. I first fought the thugs by Waterfront and that went just fine on both parts but the game crashes if i...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.5 beta] persistent crash when talking to all notables in Chaikand. [.sav]

    Summary: Speaking to any notable in Chaikand causes a CTD either when speaking or selecting first dialogue option. This had been ongoing for some time and I have sent crash dumps as it has happened, but now I realize it is every notable and likely every character in the town map. I happens...
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