1. Crypex

    This is Javlinlord Man

    In order to deal with the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, taleworlds decided to substitute your Gym course dodge ball with a virtual dodge ball in the game called bannerlord. No shields just throwing. That is all
  2. Matt The Lord

    Kick Throw is still in the game

    Kick Throw (11/18/20) How has TW not gotten rid of this mechanic yet? It's ridiculous that its still in the game.
  3. NLCRich

    What are the 6 throwing perks in 1.5.1?

    Hello, Can I please get information on what the 6 throwing perks are? Can anyone from TW please share this information? I know you are all busy with your duties, but if just a short time could be spared to let us know, I would be forever grateful. To other players, Has anyone been throwing in...
  4. Because

    Poll: Should the range on thrown weapons be reduced?

    Personally I don't mind the accuracy on thrown weapons. Sure I get hit a lot, but it doesn't feel unfair, what does feel unfair is the distance at which I can get hit. This isn't just about looters and the amazing rock bowling skills (in my head all looters are all just professional cricketers...
  5. hsngrms

    SP Native Fantasy Throwing Arrow - No Bow Required

    1000 ARROWs you can THROW by your hand Click gif image to go download page on nexus mods. Throw these arrows with your bare hand. You don't need Bow anymore. Based on throwing skill. No level requirement, anyone can use. 1000 arrows for every stack / quiver. Flame trail visual effect when...
  6. MrMaselko

    [1.2.1] Throwing weapons

    Weapons intended for throwing, most notably the ash throwing spear, are too powerful in melee. I first noticed this when creating a mod for singleplayer. The algorithm that demetimines the stats makes it hard to balance both the melee and throwing properties of a weapon, since it uses the same...
  7. Need More Info Any arrow/thrown weapon count increase perk doesn't seem to work e1.3.0

    Perks "Large Quiver" and "Spare arrows" are doing nothing. Both should give +3 arrows for each quiver but I'm still having the same amount of arrows as before. Same for "Fully Armed" perk in Throwing also doesn't give one additional thrown weapon. Didn't get to test "Battle Equiped" perk for +6...
  8. Jdue89

    [Suggestion] Rearrange perks / PART 1 (Vigor/Control/Endurance) \

    PART 1: There are multiple skill trees that has perks which needs to be in other skill trees or shuffled around in their current tree, to make sense. lets go though them in order. One Handed: The idea behind the one-handed skill is to act as tank (shields) or opt out for a more balanced...
  9. Suggestion: Missiles that hit shields should weight the bearer down

    As the title dictates, I think that if a shield receives javelins or throwing axes, this should weigh down the user of the shield, correspondent to the weight of each thrown item as it would sit in an inventory. With regards to arrows, I think if there were a certain number embedded into a...
  10. Giullio

    Throw some one handed/two handed weapons

    1- As read above, just like throwing javelins I find It would be fun if you could throw a two handed spear like the ones seen in 300 or a sword/axe of course after thrown you would have to get the weapon back from the floor. 2- Recoverable thrown weapons/arrows from bodies not only ground. with...
  11. Unresolved +1 throwing projectile horse perk don't work

    I got a Harpoon that have 5 ammo, I picked +1 throwing projectile when start battle on horseback, but I still got only 5 of them.
  12. Unresolved Throwing, Riding and Athletics skill not granting additional Throwables, or better accuracy.

    Not sure if this has already been posted but - Doesn't matter which throwing weapon i choose, When i take the perks that grant additional throwables, none of them do anything, not sure if thats intentional and they are just disabled during EA, or if its an actual bug. Same seems to be for the...
  13. Unresolved Throwing weapon pack size increase perks not working

    Bug Description: After obtaining the perks 'Fully Armed' from the Throwing tree and 'Extra Throwing Weapon' from the Athletics tree, the number of throwables I have when entering battle is not increased. How To Reproduce The Bug: Activate either the 'Extra Throwing Weapon' perk or the 'Fully...
  14. Cri11e

    The Deadliest Weapon of Bannerlord.

    A small video while we wait for Bannerlord.
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