1. Need More Info Shimmering and/or flickering shadow textures. This has not been fixed yet.

    Summary: Flickering shadow textures when using Static and Dynamic shadows. This occurs on all shadow quality settings. How to Reproduce: Enable static and dynamic shadows. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows...
  2. Lornloth00

    Resolved Popping in and lag on External SSD

    Summary: Lag, popping in and lengthy loading times. In previous versions of the game the loading from an external drive was minimal but since 1.7.0 through 1.8.0 there has been lots of problems loading textures. Its so bad it causes lag and freezing. Even at the lowest settings this happens and...
  3. Moncho

    Need More Info Magenta Textures Main branch 1.6.1

    Summary: Magenta textures appears randomly. How to Reproduce: It happens when I put the shaders quality in Medium, but not if I put it on Low. Have you used cheats and if so which: None on this game Scene Name (if related): In any scenario Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  4. NicoleUK

    How to add retextures / custom textures

    Hey... Im wanting to add some simple retextures to Bannerlord. Add some some different patterns to tunics, make a silver armour gold, change underwear colour.... nothing crazy. I can open and view the texture and export it and edit it in gimp no issues and export it as any file i need (png...
  5. Problems with editing some of the Native textures

    I can't edit some of the textures from Native game. I can only find their alpha transparency in textures folder, while in OpenBRF (and ingame) they show in all 3 forms (RGB, Alpha, Alpha_Transparency). Good example is costumes_4 texture. Any way to convert the alpha transparency to RGB form?
  6. Ash117

    Resolved Character models stopped aging

    All characters models in my game have stopped aging. They still grow old and die of old age but they all look like 20 year olds. The actual models and skin never change, apart from hair turning grey. This is happening on a unmodded brand new save 1.5.7 main I have verified cache and disabled...
  7. hollow232

    In Progress item textures don't load and my character's photo too

    the textures of the items do not load even appearing on the character, even the photo of my character does not load correctly.
  8. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.8 Beta] Texture are not loaded/messed up

    Since the e.1.5.8 has been released, there's a texture bug - they simply do not load after a short period of time. All towns, castles, villages, even the warrior in the main menu look completely messed up because the textures are not loaded.
  9. Need More Info Images for Graphical Bugs

    Folder for bug photos I don't know if this is the right place to do this, and Im sure someone has already shared these issues, but I have a bunch of photos of texture and lighting bugs that I wanted to share with the devs just in case they didn't know about them. I linked a google drive folder...
  10. Resolved Textures / Models loading Slow or not at All

    Summary: Character models as well as weapons, armor and building textures not loading. You can also see many HUD elements are missing in some screenshots such as weapon selection, or player portraits. It seems like the longer I play the more textures load in, but some never do. This issue is...
  11. [BRE] Balthazar

    Need More Info Extremely slow texture loading in Multiplayer

    The texture loading in multiplayer is so slow that some textures don't load at all throughout the whole game. Only in the last round the game sometimes looks decent. I didn't have this problem with this game in the past and my specs should be fine (gtx1080, i5-6600 skylake processor, 16GB of...
  12. Nodice83

    Resolved e1.5.0 Missing textures - Epicrotea's smithy & Workers

    Hi, As stated in the title. More of it on the picture below.
  13. Ale__

    SP Armor Mod for Viking Conquest

    "Armor Mod for Viking Conquest" replaces the giant chest and shoulder pads look of Vanilla Viking Conquest, with a more realistic appearance closer to Warband. It also adds polished landscapes and terrain with careful attention to keeping good performance in battles. It can be obtained in both...
  14. Mesh is not found

    Hello, i just downloaded some Ressources and Textures for my Warband Native Mod, i put the ressource to the ressource folder and the texture to the texture folder, i checked how the mesh is called and i set up my new item with the mesh in it. But when i launch the mod the mesh gets not founded...
  15. Need More Info Flickering graphics and camera wobble during battles and on campaign map

    I am experiencing heavy graphical flickering on textures such as vegetation and towns and villages on the campaign map. Furthermore I am also experiencing (as best as I can describe) the map wobbling or shimmering as well as grid lines appearing on the campaign map. I am not sure whether this is...
  16. Resolved [ALL Versions][SOLVED 1.3.0/1.2.1] Texture Render problems, textures partitioned into "squares". Pics included.

    Hello there, I have noticed this weird graphic glitch, I tried to find out on Facebook group for Bannerlord if its common, but of course "its early access ya mug".... o_O So, Ive noticed it straight on launch of game, it mainly affect Faces and campaign map, but I could notice it on weapons...
  17. Resolved Textures/Grass LOD

    Hello Tale Worlds, - First thank you for all the hard work you've been doing..and thank you for finally let us play Bannerlord before we die of old age :grin:. - Now the issue in short is about textures/grass LOD, I know you guys did that to optimize the game as much as possible. - But that...
  18. Need More Info Missing textures - desert arenas

    Hello, I would like to report that there are some missing ground textures in the desert arenas to the south. There are multiple arenas affected. Below an exemplary photo. It looks weird. https://ibb.co/Cs0fmsd Love your game. Best wishes, Crio
  19. Fantasy Ugly Vikings - A Model Mashup BRF Resource

    All I did was mashup some armor and weapons together. The edited textures are all amateurishly recolored by me using paintdotnet, but the originals all are made by the Brytenwalda team. Love goes out to them. Ugly Vikings Download To actually see these models in-game, you need to put them in...
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